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The Democrats forced H.R.3962 through against the will of the public.It’s now law but should the GOP continue to fight?


Posted by in Politics / News on 3/25/10

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mama kaz - 3/27/10 @ 10:32 AM:
We have to do everything we can to stop this bill before it's too late. The MAJORITY of Americans do not want this bill and spoke loud and clear. I called the White House to voice my concerns and a person answered the phone. I told them (respectfully and politely) what was on my mind. She seemed like she wasn't even listening so I asked her to repeat it back to me and she was completely unable to do that. How could she pass on my concerns to the President when she had no idea what I said? I emailed instead. When I called my local government officials all but one of them responded. (I still haven't heard from Bell.) Two of them called me at home to discuss my opinions and concerns. Guess who I will be voting for and who I won't. The number of people working and paying taxes has always been much higher than the number of those taking. That is changing dramatically and will be our downfall.

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Jeff - 3/25/10 @ 8:36 PM:
We stopped having a voice the Government speaks for us now,they know whats best for the people you know..yeah right.

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The Boss - 3/25/10 @ 8:09 PM:

That's funny, How do you think the bill passed with that much support for opposing it?
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