EAS and get out of the military

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Reenlist for another 4 years

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Im confused and dont know what to do. what does jealous brother think?


Posted by in Other / Living on 3/28/10

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gonzo - 7/4/10 @ 12:20 PM:
Ha I got out of recruiting and work for a command iwhere I can actually do my job and other fun things.

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Tomegun - 3/29/10 @ 11:48 AM:
As a recruiter, you will be away from many of those miserable people who make the military so bad. You can make a difference by recruiting the best and brightest. This a buyer's market for recruiting and we need people to find the best talent to join.

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gonzo - 3/28/10 @ 1:00 AM:
So Im being forced into recruitng and not really sure if i want to do it.... at the sametime i dont know if its time to get out. i love being deplyed and i love fighting for my country but im kind of tired of all the bs and retarded people that are over me..... what do yall think? i havent deployed in over 4 years and i weld now im not in the fight like i used to be and i miss it.
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