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Oprah has launched both of there careers, but which TV doc is the best?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 5/19/08

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randja - 4/14/14 @ 11:22 AM:
gaggin on a my breakfast here..... oprah liberal *?#$

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Ripi - 1/13/09 @ 5:52 PM:
Dr. Oz.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 6/6/08 @ 9:52 PM:
Dr Oz is definitely more informative but Dr Phil is the man because he helps his guests in any way he can, whether its rehab, child care, education, etc... He is the man, but is a bit loopy.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 5/20/08 @ 11:08 AM:
I love you too Dr. Phil.

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cutie122403 - 5/20/08 @ 11:04 AM:
I love them both I don't think I can pick a favorite. Dr. Phil knows everything about relationships and life and Dr. Oz knows everything about your health. I would give anything to have him as my doctor.
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