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Control panels go head to head. Does the new kid on the block keep up with cPanel? Which one is better?


Posted by in Tech / Software on 2/23/09

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Daren Lch - 2/26/09 @ 1:58 AM:
Sometime I just feel a bit unfair for vDeck because the public has too much of favor on cPanel that they don't even realize the existence of vDeck.

Hopefully vDeck could provide Demo on their control panel so that people can test it for free. I think that will definitely increase their popularity.
The Boss - 2/26/09 @ 7:20 AM: Ally | Side A
A demo would certainly help but it would seem they would need to convince some major players in web hosting to carry vDeck as an option with their hosting plans before they'll see any real success.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 2/25/09 @ 10:54 AM:
I have to stick with what I know and I know cPanel is reliable, flexible, and easy to use. I'm sure vDeck is a reputable control panel but cPanel for me.
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