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Which Las Vegas game do you enjoy more? Would you rather gamble with Texas Holdem or Black Jack.


Posted by in Gaming / Other on 3/05/10
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LIBERAL - 4/3/10 @ 8:57 PM:
Surprise Kaz. No, I didn't pick the other side simply because you picked Black Jack. I chose Texas Hold'em for a very good set of reasons.

Reason #1: You don't really play "against" other players when you play Black Jack, with the exception of the house (dealer). You play against yourself. Will you or will you not get 21, as close as possible without going over, or attaining 5 cards totaling 21 or less? Which leads to reason #2.

Reason #2: Black Jack is pure luck. It's a numbers game and requires no real skill in order to play. There is no "bluffing" in 21 against an opponent. Where's the fun in that?

Reason #3: It is the only form of card poker which does not allow a "kicker". In other words, you absolutely cannot win the entire pot should you hold the same hand as someone else. You have to share it. When I play poker I'm in it to win it, brother!!

Reason #4: Hold'em allows for all of these. You are allowed to play mind games with your opponents (ie. bluffing). If you hold the same hand as another opponent you may still win the pot due to your "kicker". Hold'em allows for several rounds of betting and can even be played with different "at stakes" type levels. For example "No Limits", my favorite. Skill is very much required to play Hold'em. Though luck does play a big part, it's the ability to play it well that makes the difference between a good Hold'em player, and a champion. Black Jack is as about as interesting to watch being played as watching golf on a Sunday afternoon, but I could spend several hours watching a Hold'em tournament!!
The Boss - 4/3/10 @ 10:01 PM: Ally | Side B
Actually I don't know how I ended up on the blackjack side. I chose Texas holdem; I too can watch hours of it.

Side A Comment

Jeff - 3/5/10 @ 7:55 PM:
I'm not very good at Poker.
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