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The gap in differences between real lawns and artificial lawns has closed a lot. The look and feel of the artificial grass now are so close in comparison.


Posted by in Images / Other on 9/05/11

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cutie122403 - 9/11/11 @ 1:32 PM:
I actually used to like mowing my own yard but it would be nice now that I have a little baby to have an artificial lawn. It would be nice to not have to worry about mowing it every week during the summer.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 9/5/11 @ 2:55 PM:
A while ago I would have immediately said real lawns but as the responsibilities pile up with being a dad, administering a social network, working a regular full-time job, etc... I would love to not have to mow my lawn.

While it would cost a small fortune to lay a synthetic lawn on our property it would keep me from the expensive cost of maintaining my lawnmower and save me at least three hours a week during the summer. Still not in my budget but it would be nice and I would imagine there would be a lot less insects flying around the yard.
Tenderfiddle - 9/8/11 @ 11:27 AM: Rival | Side A
I agree, I would choose synthetic lawn!! I used to think it was the stuff that grandma kept on her front porch but it has come a long way, it feels like real lawn and it looks better than real lawn!! No watering, less maintenance, pet friendly, Is there any down side to synthetic lawn... I think not!!
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