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Dennis Plucinik wrote on 2/14/10
come on old time music is so chill
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cutie122403 wrote on 1/18/10
I miss you sweetheart. When will I be able to take you to see New Moon?
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The Boss wrote on 7/07/09
You still having problems with your background? It looks like it's working now.
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The Boss wrote on 5/07/09
LOL, Sarah getting lost? That's grandma's specialty.
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The Boss wrote on 5/05/09
Yeah, I certainly didn't graduate my dear. If there's one thing I can ask of you it's that you continue to work your hardest to not follow in my foot-steps. Graduating High School to the best of your ability is very important and you'll fully understand that later in life. I love you my dear Hannah and me and Crystal are always here if you need us. Don't you ever forget you saved your Uncle Whiney.
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The Boss wrote on 4/28/09
Okay, Good. If there is one thing you learn from your Uncle Whiney it's the importance of not screwing up in school. I regret everyday not graduating High School. If you work hard in Jr. High and High School you'll have a ton of opportunities when applying for College. Love you sweetheart.
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The Boss wrote on 4/28/09
It was a picture I sent to Ben as a joke but it's now the avatar I use on all of the social networks I'm a member of. Hows school going sweetheart? Are you keeping your grades up?
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cutie122403 wrote on 3/30/09
Hi Hannah! Love you honey! Miss you!
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