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Sarah Forester wrote on 7/07/08
Andrea! I miss you! my hair misses you!
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cutie122403 wrote on 7/06/08
Hey Andrea! Thanks for joining! Thank you for the other day...my hair feels SO much better. I hope you and your husband have a good vacation and have lots of fun. Talk you later.
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The Boss wrote on 7/05/08
Welcome to JealousBrother.com Andrea. If you need help with anything please let us know. We are currently working on getting the website ready to go public and with that being said we will be constantly be adding new features and fixing bugs. If you notice any problems with the site please don't hesitate to let us know. We will be adding the mass message feature soon so we can send private messages to everyone letting them know of updates, changes, and website outages. Thanks again for supporting Crystal and I and you do amazing things with her hair. If I had a dollar for every time she got a compliment on it I'd be a rich man.
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