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user 92
cutie122403 wrote on 7/12/08
Hey where have you been?
user 92
cutie122403 wrote on 7/02/08
Haha, funny. It's not a bad store. Actually I think it is cute and I will have it looking better than Lenoir City after this floor set is done.
user 139
Brittni wrote on 6/27/08
yeah you can't call me that. lol crystal will take up for me loser!
user 92
cutie122403 wrote on 6/27/08
Hey, you be nice to Brittni. I saw what you said to her.
user 92
cutie122403 wrote on 6/18/08
I will never forget my wonderful employees at 268. I will come visit and keep up with you all. Whoever replaces me has a good group of people to look forward to,
user 135
B-Mac! wrote on 6/15/08
gosh if they give an award for cleanest profile, this guy is gonna win. freakin lame o
user 92
cutie122403 wrote on 5/25/08
Hey, you need to fill out your profile.
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