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user 10112
maddy crossie wrote on 12/01/11
Hey i carnt remember my password for my other Jealous Brother could ya Message me whm ya find my password
user 10112
maddy crossie wrote on 9/22/11
Hey i need morer friends on here and i don't know who to add.
Love Maddy
user 10051
JB Admin wrote on 6/25/11
If you were one of the few users to get a spam comment in your shoutbox (And email inbox if your notifications are turned on) then we do apologize. As usual those who wish to ruin the internet find ways to exploit leniency in website policy. We have taken immediate action, removed the shouts from your wall and have put in place preventative measures to keep this from happening again. As always, thank you for your support.

JealousBrother team.
user 10112
maddy crossie wrote on 6/22/11
Hey im new to this
user 10051
JB Admin wrote on 9/28/10
Feel free to use our shoutbox to ask questions, offer suggestions (or complaints), or just to say hello.
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