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What Is Bru Agreement

This historic agreement is in line with Prime Minister Modi`s vision for the progress of the northeast and the empowerment of the people of the region. Since taking office, Prime Minister Modi has launched many political measures that have improved the region`s infrastructure, connectivity, economic growth, tourism and social development. The Central Young Mizoram Association (CYMA), Mizoram`s largest civil organization, welcomed in a statement the signing of the agreement, according to which more than 30,000 brus who fled Mizoram in 1997 will settle permanently in Tripura. In 2018, following the decision of the EU Ministry of the Interior to grant the right to vote to some 30,000 people who had fled Mizoram to Tripura in 1997 following inter-communal violence, the Electoral Commission asked the State of Mizoram to review its lists for the 2018 elections and to involve members of the community of displaced persons. After the signing of a tripartite agreement between the Centre, Tripura and Mizoram, 32,876 people from the Reang tribe were to be repatriated to Mizoram. [1] On 16 January 2020, a four-page agreement was signed between the Centre, representatives of the government of Tripura and mizoram and Bru-Reang to facilitate the permanent settlement of refugees from Mizoram to Tripura, which benefited some 34,000 refugees. [2] “There were many Bengali families who were also affected by the expulsion of the Brus. As the Brus arrived and settled in Tripura, the Bengalis had to evacuate the territories. The agreement will also help them,” Sarma said. – According to the agreement, some 34,000 refugees from La Bru will be settled in Tripura. The BJP unit also welcomed the agreement and thanked Interior Minister Amit Shah and public NGOs for their initiative to find a definitive solution to the Brussels crisis.

“What makes everyone happy with the agreement is that the voters of Bru, who are based in Tripura, are now permanently out of business in Mizoram,” the association said in the statement. Prime Minister Biplab Kumar Deb also reacted to the four-year agreement signed in New Delhi on Thursday. On Twitter, he said: “.@mygovindia also said Rs.600 crore package for the settlement of displaced #BRU tribes in our state. Govt will also provide Rs 1.5 lakh housing assistance for BRU refugees, Rs 4 lakh FD for each family, Rs 5,000 monthly financial assistance and free ration for the next two years. Bru municipality, the original inhabitants of Mizoram have been living since 1997 in temporary camps in Tripura, following ethnic violence in Mizoram, which led to the eviction of about 5,000 families from Bru. The agreement is part of the central government`s ongoing efforts to help two national governments rehabilitate Bru since 2010. To date, about 2,000 families have returned to Mizoram, while many wanted to move to Tripura because they are concerned about their safety in Mizoram. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Shah said that a lasting solution to the long-standing problem of rehabilitation of thousands of Bru-Reang in Tripura had been found and that they could now look forward to a bright future. Under the new agreement, he said, some 34,000 refugees from Bru will be settled in Tripura and supported by a package of about 600 kronor by the centre to help with de-escalation and overall development.

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