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Uni Global Union Global Agreement

“This agreement will allow many employees to contribute, as part of their work, to the efforts of associations for a more inclusive and sustainable world,” added Antoine Sire, Head of Corporate Engagement and member of the group`s management. This is a decisive contribution to BNP Paribas` social commitment. Battery production will be one of the fastest growing industrial activities in the coming years. Due Diligence and ways to organize along the complex supply chain were discussed in a webinar bringing together unions, experts and industrial directors. The German automaker systematically refusing to grant the same rights to its employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, as in the rest of the world, IndustriALL Global Union today suspends its long-standing global agreement with Volkswagen. The Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA) between IndustriALL and German retailer Tchibo was signed in September 2016 and the parties continue to work towards its effective implementation. More than 80 trade union leaders from Turkey, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mauritius and Morocco met in Cesme, Turkey, to see how Global Framework Agreements (GFAs) can be better used to promote trade union organization, collective agreements and social dialogue. Uni Global Union is, together with industriALL Global Union, one of the global trade union signatories to the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement, reached in the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy. Global agreements are being negotiated between global trade unions and multinational companies.

They protect the interests of workers in all multinational enterprises and set standards for trade union rights. The Latin American Regional Framework Agreement adopted in 2001 by Chiquita, IUF and COLSIBA requires the parties to enter into a joint agreement on sexual harassment (annexed to the agreement) to work on training strategies and exchange best practices and to ensure that workers have access to information about their rights. The annex also refers to the ILO`s Code of Conduct for Health and Safety in Agriculture, which contains a model policy on sexual harassment (ILO, 2011d). The common understanding of sexual harassment was a point of entry for a project in Panama. To avoid sexual harassment, one of the goals is to ensure that more women hold leadership and supervisory positions on plantations, where the majority are currently men.

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