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Uga Consulting Agreement

Purchasing consulting services follows the same vendor selection procedure described in Section 3.2.12 Supplier Selection in this manual. Advice services may be requested by a recommended letter of purchase or, in some cases (in accordance with Section 3.1 of this manual), be paid by request for payment. Regardless of the method of payment, guidance agreements should only be concluded once it has been established that the advisor should not be considered a university employee. Departments must complete the checklist for the identification of independent companies (see forms/instructions below) before entering into a consulting agreement with a consultant. As a general rule, employees of USG institutions are prohibited from consulting a salary from a current seller or an organization seeking a credit relationship with the usg, where the employee works, or from obtaining other compensation. As a general rule, System Office employees are prohibited from consulting compensation with a current Office system provider or entity seeking a credit relationship with the System Office or from obtaining other compensation. Any worker who has received a leave of absence with pay must sign an agreement prior to the start of their leave stating that the USG recognizes the benefits of cooperation and marketing with the private sector and other third-party companies that support the USG mission. However, the relationships and agreements that flow from them must not undermine public confidence, compromise the integrity of the usg mission, or unduly affect teaching, research and service activities. Under no circumstances should a grant, gift, contract or other funding be accepted, which limits the ability of USG staff to conduct or report research results in accordance with current scientific, medical, professional and ethical standards.

Each USG Institute adopts guidelines on the external advisory activities of faculty members, which include: Title II of the Social Security Act, as amended, applies to all members of the Georgia University System (USG), with the exception of those who are expressly excluded from Georgia under agreements between the Worker`s Pension Plan in Georgia and the Council of Regents of the University System, the following categories of workers include: Any USG employee with a work obligation of 30 hours or more per week (.75 or >FTE) and faculty members with contracts of nine months or more must obtain written authorization before engaged in a compensated external activity relating to the employee`s expertise or responsibilities as an employee of the USG. These activities include consulting, learning, speaking and participating in businesses, professional enterprises or service companies. The SBDC provides access to professional and confidential consulting services for small Georgian entrepreneurs who wish to develop or start their own business. Our consultants have advanced business or management degrees and extensive hands-on experience in helping emerging and growing companies develop strategies to make better business decisions and achieve their goals. Once a premium has been awarded, you must apply for subcontracting through the OSP subcontract system. For more information, visit our “Ask a Subaward” page. For example, if the GIT makes funds available to a company for an independent research project, the agreement would be characteristic of subcontracting, since the subcontractor would be responsible for organizing the research and defining the conduct of that research. The subcontractor`s research areas must correspond to the amount of work authorized by the main sponsor for GIT.

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