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Should Our Parents Be Held Accountable For Our Blogging Skills?

According to Croatian traditional proverbs, “Iver ne pada daleko od klade.” This translates into, “a splinter doesn’t land far from the trunk” or maybe you would prefer the English equivalent, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” (Some material quoted from but the entry has since been deleted.) There has to be some truth to an expression that has been around for so long but what does this have to do with a person’s blogging skills?

When you consider parents are the primary source for a child’s perception of what is right and wrong, the attitude a child has in regards to school and work, and of course are the single biggest motivators a child has, could there be a connection to their eventual blogging skills? As much as I’d like to at times there is no denying the similarities of my father and I. They are not all negative attributes, in fact I have a work ethic that is a spitting image of his and that has helped not only at work but also at school, projects around the house, and of course my hobbies. My mother is to thank for my creativity but also for my large nose, thanks mom!

The question we need to ask is what makes a good blog entry? The first thing that comes to mind is that it should be written well, at least to the best of our abilities. What does that mean? It means a good entry should not be a first draft, just like school papers it should be spell checked and revised multiple times before it’s published. Unless you want people bouncing off your blog, each article should be interesting. This is where the creativity comes into play. The information should be so entertaining or informational that the visitors want to get involved and, once they do get involved, you need to interact with them.

The reality is that most of us are painfully similar to our parents, which is a direct reflection of how we’ve been raised. Everything from creativity, confidence, social tendencies, to ethics and morals can be directly correlated with the way we were brought up. We can certainly relate all of these traits to what it takes to create a good blog entry. A blog post must be creative and we must possess the confidence to run with the idea. For a blog to be morally sound we shouldn’t post material that has been stolen or anything we don’t have the right to use. It is our work ethic that pushes us through from the conception of an idea to the finished product. We also have to be comfortable in a socially driven environment so we can easily communicate with people who interact with the blog. So you tell me, should our parents be held accountable for our blogging skills?

Obviously our parents can’t take all of the responsibility for our blogging skills but certainly should be held partially accountable. It’s our parents who help mold us into who we become. So parents and future parents out there, when little Billy or Jane is playing with an imaginary friend, don’t discourage them, at least they are using their imagination. Creativity wouldn’t exist without a solid imagination. Creativity is a universal character trait; it can lead to success in starting a business, acing a college exam, or even writing some great blog entries. Be alert and be open minded, little Billy’s blogging career could be in your hands. If for whatever reasons you didn’t enjoy this article or you just don’t like me I politely ask that all problems be directed towards my parents, in these cases, my parents are to blame.

7 Responses to “Should Our Parents Be Held Accountable For Our Blogging Skills?”

  1. Interesting opinion but I am not very sure whether parents are too blame or not. I am not sure what made you think that way. It is not really important at all. The main problems lies is how you think and do is your welfare being on how you strive to improve your self-awareness not blame parents or whatever the cause maybe. Learning always evolve and has no universe of right or wrong.

    You don’t have to care whether your parents can’t take all the responsibility for blogging skills. It all depends on our mindset on what is suppose to be done. Until to this day the information that is so massive out on the internet isn’t really true nowadays and even media may distort truth. So it all depends on your brain whether to accept the information that has been feeding you or chose to block it. You have the control not other people control you.

    Posted on by: ohiit
  2. No! though, my parents were journalists. No! though, my son’s parent is a blogger and my son’s grand parents were also journalists.

    Posted on by: ravi karandeekar
  3. Ohiit, thank you for you great response. If you read the last paragraph of this entry you would realize there is some serious sarcasm expressed. Of course we have control over our actions and what we learn and take from life. The point of this article was to raise the question, does the way we were raised have a direct impact on how we blog? The answer is yes, at least in my opinion. You mention that it depends on our brains on whether we choose to accept information, well who helped develop those brains? Our parents. Of course we can’t pass blame to our parents but it would nice if we could. j/k It’s not about passing on all or part of the blame its about recognizing there is a connection to how we we’re raised. Thanks for your response.

    Ravi, I appreciate your response as well but you haven’t done too much to convince me of your argument. Exclaiming No! only to follow it up with points that would prove otherwise doesn’t help your argument. But thank you for taking the time to read the article and for leaving a comment.

    Have A Great Day!

    Posted on by: bigkazzyry
  4. Interesting. From now on, when someone has a problem with me, I’ll tell them to take it up with my mother. I’ve always blamed her for everything anyway. Now I have proof that it’s all her fault.

    Posted on by: Delia
  5. Delia, Now we’re talking! lol. I’m really hoping everyone doesn’t take this too literally. The last paragraph of the article is full of sarcasm. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Posted on by: bigkazzyry
  6. Certainly, our parents should be accountable for everything we do in our lives, since they are the first and maybe the most powerful influence on it.

    Posted on by: celegiki
  7. Nice thoughts about blogging. 🙂 I think I inherited my creative side from my dad. My musical talents from my Mom. I just don’t know about blogging. My daughter is slowly gaining interest in writing, I hope she got that from me… 🙂

    Posted on by: krissybee14

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