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Secretary Of State For Northern Ireland 1998 Good Friday Agreement

3. If the majority of voters support this agreement in each of the referendums, governments will adopt and support in their respective parliaments the legislation necessary to implement all aspects of this agreement and will adopt all necessary related measures, including the holding of elections on 25 June, subject to Parliament`s approval. Assembly, which would first meet in “shadow” mode. The creation of the North-South Council, the implementing bodies, the British Council of Ireland and the Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Conference, as well as the Assembly`s assumption of their legislative and executive powers, will take place at the same time as the Anglo-Irish agreement enters into force. 43 It is difficult to address the broader issue of the impact of decentralisation in Northern Ireland on constitutional and political developments in the United Kingdom as a whole. Compared to other decentralised regions, there are so many peculiarities and specificities in Northern Ireland that its experience of decentralisation is not a good basis for judgment. Given that Northern Ireland, even during the period of direct domination from 1972 until the Good Friday Agreement came into force, had its own management, decentralisation had no significant impact on the future of the United Kingdom. The principle of power-sharing was introduced in the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. The proportional representation method was used to ensure that unionist (mainly Protestant) and nationalist (mainly Catholic) communities participated in government in relation to the seats they won in the new Northern Ireland Assembly. Members of the Assembly were elected by a single transferable vote. If the major parties fail to reach an agreement on power-sharing, power would return to London, a situation neither side wanted. The main objective of the Government during these negotiations was to ensure political stability and lasting peace for all the people of Northern Ireland. Because of the so-called Good Friday Agreement, this goal is now in sight.

The Good Friday agreement provided for the creation of a citizens` forum as an advisory mechanism on social, economic and cultural issues, and this form should be representative of the economy, trade unions and voluntary sectors, as well as other sectors agreed by the Prime Minister and deputy prime minister. The forum offers its views on social, economic and cultural issues, but its views are not binding. The Northern Ireland Act 1998 provided for the creation of the Citizens` Forum. The First and Deputy Prime Minister announced the Forum`s membership on September 25, 2000 to Chris Gibson as Chair of the 60-member Forum1.

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