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Air Force Educational Partnership Agreement

Alina Alexeenko, Dean for Undergraduate Education Associate at Purdue`s College of Engineering, said: “Collaboration with AFRL-VIP is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn by responding to authentic design challenges relevant to the critical mission of the Air Force and ministry of Defense. Our students can benefit greatly from interacting with the enthusiastic AFRL mentor group. The agreement is also in line with the GRIT Engineering initiative, which aims to expand opportunities for cooperation and other training beyond teaching. The EPO`s creative program focuses on promoting opportunities to develop students` experience and careers and promoting the engagement of under-represented groups in MINT disciplines. Purdue and AFRL are very encouraged by this important partnership and will increase their reach in the years to come. A Research and Development Cooperation Agreement (CRADA) is a written agreement between a private company and a government agency to work together on a project. A CRADA, created as a result of federal legislation, allows the federal government and non-federal partners to optimize their resources, share technical know-how in a protected environment, share intellectual property resulting from sharing efforts, and accelerate the commercialization of state-developed technology. The OSU partnership follows an agreement signed in July between the complex`s 76th software engineering group and the University of Oklahoma, with the Air Force creating a satellite office on the Norman campus. Education partnership agreements are formal agreements between the DOE (Department of Education) and the Department of Defense and an educational institution for the transmission and/or improvement of technological applications and the provision of technological support at all levels of education (kindergarten and beyond).

AfRL may borrow equipment, be declared surplus and transfer equipment (donations), provide laboratory staff to teach or support courses, involve teachers and students in research, etc. The Griffiss Institute, through the EPO, funds to fund many education programmes, such as the MINT initiatives, which teach and encourage students to pursue careers in the field of human rights. Lieutenant-General Donald “Gene” Kirkland, Commander, Air Sustainment Centre, Tinker Air Force Base; Brig.

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