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This agreement, the credit facility, the SPE Enterprise Agreement, the CCIB Constitution Certificate and the Equity Creditor Agreement between SPE, Cetus and IBP Management Holdings, LLC, which may be amended, completed or cancelled from time to time, include the entire agreement between or between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements and agreements that comply with the purpose of this agreement. You can print or download content from the website for your personal, non-commercial, information or scientific use, provided you follow all copyright and other property mentions. You are allowed not to copy, view, disseminate, disseminate, transfer, publish, publish, transfer, transfer, translate, translate, translate or sell, lease or concede any other work derived from the website or some of the content, products or services they receive in a medium that originates from the website to third parties, unless expressly authorized under these terms and conditions, licensing or subscription agreement or authorization. Without our prior written permission, you cannot participate in a systematic review of website content to directly or indirectly create or compile a collection, compilation, database or directory. Unless expressly authorized by us, you cannot use robots, spiders, crawlers, download accelerators or other automated download programs, algorithms or similar or equivalent manual processes or devices to search, scratch, extract, deepen or index content continuously and automatically; (ii) collect personal information on the site to send unwanted or unauthorized material; or (iii) disrupt the operation of the site or the use of the site by another person. If the website contains robotic exclusion files or robotic exclusion heads, you agree to honor them and not use devices, software or routines to bypass them. You may not attempt unauthorized access to a part or function of the site, other systems or networks connected to the website or SPE server, or to access products or services accessible on the website or to be distributed from the website. You must not review, scan or test the vulnerability of the website or network connected to the website, or violate the security or authentication measures put in place on the website or on a connected network. Unless otherwise pursued by signed licensing agreements, all matters related to your access or use of the website, including all litigation, are governed by the laws of the State of Texas, United States and are interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, United States, regardless of its conflict of laws. The competent courts of the State of Texas, United States, are the competent courts of the State of Texas, United States, with respect to any action or action arising from the subject matter of this case.

These terms and conditions of sale (“CGV”) apply to the use of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc. (SPE) OnePetro website at (website). SPE is an electronic aggregator through the OnePetro website, which contracts with participating publishers on non-exclusive licensing agreements with participating publishers for the online reproduction of technical articles, including texts, images, videos and illustrations.

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