Westboro Exceeds 1st Ammendment

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Within their Constitutional Rights

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Westboro Baptist Church is known for their outspoken hate of homosexuals as well as their protests that involve soldier’s funerals, teenagers killed in car accidents, and more. Do they exceed what is granted by the 1st amendment or not?


Posted by in Other / Religion on 5/09/12
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Side B Comment

DollyFan - 8/3/12 @ 10:42 PM:
I defintely do not agree with them but they have the right to do this, as all Americans do. I want to say take their freedom of speech away from them but I know what it is like to not have equal rights that most of my friends and family have, so I know that would be wrong. It will come back on them or our God is not just. They know right from wrong and continue to do wrong. I do feel extremely sad for the families who must endure their crap while trying to deal with the loss of a loved one, though.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 5/22/12 @ 5:40 PM:
Im sorry yes i know that I have to be careful what I ask for but these people should not be able to protest like they do! There is a difference in freedom of speech and going WAY Beyond and they cross the line! I say take there freedom of speech away!

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 5/11/12 @ 3:40 AM:
They (Westboro) have every right to protest. They have every right to feel the way they feel, and say the things they say. These are the rights of an American citizen. As they have every right to feel and say what they want, so do I.

They are a black stain of putrid filth on the Christian Communities of this great nation. As I've seen posted on Facebook by numerous individuals "Hate is NOT a family value", neither is it a Christian value. God does not hate anyone. At least not the God I believe in. He is love and compassion. Religion and a faith in God should be rejoiced, not feared. For a group of supposed Christians they just don't appear to have many real Christian values. You should love thy neighbor, not hate them. None of us are perfect. We are all sinners in God's eyes, but we are all his children nonetheless. I have many issues with this particular group of people. I disagree with almost every view they have, if not all, but what really sickens me is to see them protesting any soldier's funeral. First of all it is just callous and heartless to protest someone's funeral due to the family and friend's grief as they try to lay a loved one to rest. It is made all the worse by the fact that these individuals only show themselves to be supreme hypocrites by protesting against the very servicemen and women who provided them the luxury of their ability to practice these rights in the first place.

You are defintely right about Karma, Kaz. It will serve them in the end, and the judgment they love so much to pass on everyone else will surely come back ten fold when they themselves are judged by the only one who should be doing the judging.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 5/9/12 @ 7:01 PM:
While they absolutely disgust me you have to be careful of what you ask for. Once you start suppressing freedom of speech where does it stop?

Karma and fate will serve these people the justice they deserve.
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