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Which coast has the more intelligent population? I know it's general, but I'm curious on what people think.


Posted by in Other / Living on 5/28/09
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Sarah Forester - 6/17/09 @ 6:00 PM:
i have always belonged on eastern side of the country even when i lived on the west. I consider TN east. I love it here. I know some people dont consider TN east coast but when you grew up in California TN is east coast. :-) I have however been to the northern west coast and to the northern east coast and i love, love the east coast.

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DollyFan - 6/13/09 @ 9:48 AM:
Being one who lived in IN for 26 years and now in TN for almost 14 years, I have never really been to the East coast or the West coast. Therefore, I base my decision on something that is big in the news and is huge for my life. There are 6 states that now allow same-sex marriage or union and most are East coast. Since the East coast thinks I should have equal rights, I vote East coast!

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mama kaz - 6/7/09 @ 10:31 PM:
I have to agree about people in the midwest. I just came back from a trip to my hometown in Kansas and they seem to have it all together. I guess I should have specified that I was talking about Tennessee and not New York. I think most big cities and metropolitan areas seem to have a lot of people who are big on education but short on common sense.

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Trainwreck - 6/7/09 @ 12:43 AM:
i voted east coast for one reason...New Hampshire...the greatest state in the Union...and the last 'free' state if you think aboot it...

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Tomegun - 6/3/09 @ 1:10 AM:
Mama Kaz, I think you have it wrong. I would vote for people from the Midwest having the most common sense. I have lived in the Washington DC area, Phoenix and just moved back to Las Vegas. Both regions have their issues, but I have thought about this many times before and prefer the west coast. In the east, they are all about being macho and following the crowd. A Mercedes Benz is a symbol of making it in that area where people are all about the latest "it thing" out west. Both shallow, but at least the west coast is willing to try something new. I could go on and on with many examples, but the West gets my vote.

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Jeff - 5/29/09 @ 9:33 PM:
East Coast nothing but love for the West Coast though

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Natalie - 5/29/09 @ 8:13 PM:
I live on the East Coast...that is the only reason I voted for this side...

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mama kaz - 5/28/09 @ 10:26 PM:
I apologize in advance to everyone I am going to offend with this one but East Coast people have much more common sense than West Coasters. I lived most of my life in California and didn't realize how shallow people are there until I moved. Out here in Tennessee (and in Kansas where I'm from) a persons worth is not gauged by what kind of car they drive or by how much money they make. When I first moved to Tennessee I thought I was better than most people but it didn't take me long to realize how wrong I was about that. I will take the hillbilly population over the California yuppies any day. They know how to grow their own food, preserve food and hunt food and how to take care of themselves with no help from the government or anyone else. Many of them even know how to treat many illnesses with herbs and things that grow wild here. West Coasters are only self sufficient as long as they can swipe their atm cards somewhere. In my opinion being able to survive without an atm card or cash is a sign of real intelligence.
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