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What is more dangerous to the stability of the USA? Uncapped Campaign contributions from the unions or the corporations


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 3/17/10

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LIBERAL - 4/10/10 @ 2:25 PM:
Every year Unions lose face with both the public they claim to serve and the businesses that do not really need them. The Unions of this country will eventually go the way of the dodo in my opinion. Corporations and even small businesses are wising up and realizing they do more harm than good. This reason, and this reason alone is why I choose corporations over unions, because in the end it will be the corporations that are left to continue "bribing" our elected officials. Let's not pussy-foot around this subject. "Campaign contributions", as they like to call them, are nothing more than a legal tool with which to bribe our statesmen and stateswomen into doing whatever their business wants them do when it comes time to voting. I believe they should be outlawed, and private contributions should have some kind of cap!!
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