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I’m Irate about Saturday Delivery

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The United States Postal Service might be dropping Saturday service. Is this okay with you or is it a deal breaker?


Posted by in Business / Companies on 3/31/10
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LIBERAL - 4/1/10 @ 6:04 AM:
This is ridiculous Kaz! I certainly won't lose any sleep over this either, but you can d*** well guarantee that I'll be giving my business over to the other two (FedEx/UPS). In this day and age when so many businesses realize that you cannot operate solely on (banker's hours), they have extended daily hours and included weekends as part of their weekly routine. It's just common sense really. Why does the USPS get to take away a day of service? What makes them so special? Several bank giants work on Saturday, though their hours are limited, they do work nonetheless. Several other federal agencies like Social Security, CDC, HUD, and U.S. Border Patrol have no problem performing their services over the weekend. So what exactly makes the USPS so special that they don't have to work on Saturday? It's not like their employees will be forced to work 6 days a week! They can, and I'm certain they already do, arrange for a different day off besides Sunday. I'll be certain to give most if not all my business to the other two if this happens. There are always consequences to one's actions, and I believe they will suffer for it. And I sincerely hope Kaz that the box you have pictured above was not something you received by mail. Surely that's just a picture you found for humorous reasons. :-)
The Boss - 4/1/10 @ 2:49 PM: Ally | Side B
Good Lord Rick; you are hard to read. lol. I had to get nearly to the end of your comment before I realized you were being serious and not mocking me. lol. From what I've heard this is going to happen and will supposedly save them over 3 billion annually. After thinking about it, a few months ago I remember hearing radio ads about the post office trying to get rid of Saturday delivery in more rural regions.

Only time will tell but I'll be watching. And no, the box wasn't mine; I found it on Flickr (Creative Commons Licensed Image) but I certainly have received boxes in that condition before.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 3/31/10 @ 3:25 PM:
While I won't be losing sleep over this it does irritate me. I'm not sure if this will end up biting them in the a$$ but there really isn't anything that separates them from UPS and Fedex now. That's the one thing USPS had that the others didn't, Saturday service without the extra fees. They might be handing a lot of business over to the other two shipping giants.
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