Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

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Liberalism is not a Mental Disorder

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Is liberalism a mental illness and if it is, is there a cure?


Posted by in Politics / Other on 4/08/10
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The Boss - 11/30/11 @ 7:58 PM:
The scroll down and up feature is active. I plan on tweaking it a bit but it seems to be working just fine on my end. Much more convenient than manually scrolling down the entire page.

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TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 9:31 PM: Validated Ego
LOL, love the insults. That way it doesn't seem like you are losing too bad huh?

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lynx55 - 9/6/11 @ 9:22 PM:
To RL ( Redneck Libertarian) You certainly are dense (jealous comment) if you haven't already figured out I am a female.
And you proved my point. It's like talking to a 4 yr old. If you are so armed to the gills, why are you so scared of us?
If YOU choose to shoot at the FBI that would be your first mistake. Yours and yours alone. When the GOP is in power, law enforcement type agencies have committed far more atrocities on both their own public and those of other countries than ever under a Democratically controlled government. i.e. Cheney? Torture? Read the book. Reagan, Central America.

To Mr Kazinec, yes a scroll down "something" would be very nice. Thank you.
The Boss - 11/30/11 @ 7:57 PM: Ally | Side B
I know, as normal I tend to procrastinate but there is now a scroll down feature. I may need to tweak it a bit but do let me know if it works on your end.

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lynx55 - 9/6/11 @ 8:00 PM:
Amazing how you feel we have so much control without one itty bitty firearm on us. Yet "y'all" need to have one in every body fold, crease, pocket and crevice. What IS it that scares "y'all" so damn much? Armed while jogging with 20 other people? Puhleaze! Btw, it IS true what they say about men who need to have big trucks, corvettes and too many guns.
TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 8:06 PM: Rival | Side A
You use your government thugs to enforce control. Waco and Ruby ridge come to mind as examples.

I'm not scared lynx55. Why would I be scared when I'm well armed?

I'm not sure what you are referring to with the trucks, corvette and guns quip. Do i sense a little jealously? LOL

The Boss - 9/6/11 @ 8:18 PM: Ally | Side B
I just realized it is annoying as hell to have to scroll down to the bottom of the rivalry to add a comment. Look for a scroll to bottom link or an automated function to alleviate this annoyance soon.

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lynx55 - 9/6/11 @ 7:36 PM:
Progressives assert the role of government for the public good, rather than corporate interests
TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 7:46 PM: Rival | Side A
LOL, you are sad and naive.
TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 7:49 PM: Rival | Side A
Let me fix that for you:

Progressives assert the role of government for control, rather than personal freedom and liberty

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lynx55 - 9/6/11 @ 6:51 PM:
Quite a threat coming from a little redneck libertarian. Not being welcome by you matters how? Watch your threats, as usual you forget to engage brain before putting mouth in gear. Leave while I can? Oooh, shivering in my Birkies now.

And just launching your usual Libertarian fare of fascist statist is so boring already. I can come back with McCarthyism and witch hunts and the whole thing is so passe.

Progressives stand for peace, human rights, clean air and water, animal rights, aging with dignity, economic fairness, union rights, political freedoms et al. You have to be pretty ugly inside to turn that into un-American.

I am not responding to any further comments from someone with that karma.
TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 7:30 PM: Rival | Side A
Redneck libertarian? LOL I'm not threatening you. I'm promising you this is coming.

You say Progressives stand for human rights but at the same time they work to remove the ability to defend one's self.

Economic fairness? You mean wealth redistribution I'm sure.

Political freedoms? Yea, as long as you are a Progressive.

No, Progressives stand for control; the micro management of all aspects of life. Taking away peoples right of self determination. You are much like the Communists. Maybe just Communism lite.

You are a cancer that eats away at the foundation of this country. I'd be worried about the bad karma progressives possess from eroding peoples freedoms since the early 20th century. Paraphrasing what one of your minions once said, "Your chickens are coming home to roost".
The Boss - 9/6/11 @ 7:32 PM: Ally | Side B
I couldn't help but notice you spoke of an individuals karma but make no mention of individual freedom.

Economic fairness or as it's being sold "Social Justice" CANNOT coexist with personal freedom and liberty but judging by your careful use of "Political Freedoms" I don't see that as being a problem with you.
TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 7:32 PM: Rival | Side A
Oh yea, McCarthy was right.

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lynx55 - 9/6/11 @ 7:03 AM:
Actually I AM a very PROUD Progressive. And no, those were NOT the 2 words I had in mind.
LOL..I consider Libertarian to be part of the problem, albeit not as large a part as the tea party, ( shudder) but definitely a problem. And no, I really do NOT want to debate the issue. Found that extremely counter productive.
TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 8:12 AM: Rival | Side A
Well then lynx55, I have two words for you: GET OUT. That is, get out of the United States. You are in the wrong country. You are a traitor; a seditionist. Move to a country where you fascist statist are welcome. China would be an excellent choice. You are not welcome here.

Yep, there is no debate. Progressives are un-American and enemies of freedom and liberty. Seriously, leave while you can.

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lynx55 - 9/5/11 @ 8:14 AM:
I have 2 words for the conservative who posted this question and they aren't "Let's Dance"....
The Boss - 9/5/11 @ 9:24 AM: Ally | Side B
This reminds me of the radio spots for netflix.

Let me guess, the answer is "MORE GOVERNMENT".

You know that's the answer to everything. ;)
TNinfidel - 9/5/11 @ 12:05 PM: Rival | Side A
Actually lynx55, I'm a Libertarian. You'd Probably consider me a little conservative leaning since I am a big fan of the US Constitution .

I am actually referring to Progressivism in this post. Today the two terms are interchangeable as you will find that most Liberals are Progressives. That is not to say all are. However, if you believe "More Government" is the answer, you are a Progressive and therefore, you are part of the problem.

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mama kaz - 5/2/10 @ 7:39 AM:
I'm glad to know you have your eyes open. There are many liberals out there who cling to Obama as a savior and don't even attempt to follow what's going on. I'm sure you encounter those kind of liberals every day. There are also conservatives who do the same thing. We all need to pay attention to everything that's going on and I'm glad you do even though we disagree a lot. I think you would have to admit that you know liberals and conservatives who act like they have a mental disorder because they've stopped thinking for themselves and blindly follow people without even knowing what they really stand for. I've done it myself when I was younger. I hope more people will set a goal of becoming informed before they go to the ballot box. Failing to do that is insane.

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mama kaz - 4/29/10 @ 9:12 AM:
I don't know how many times I have to tell you that I think he was wrong too! I was disappointed with the Republicans for Bush's entire second term. I am disappointed with them now! I keep telling you that but you don't seem to get it. If the present administration doesn't represent the liberals then who do they represent? Saying that you're disappointed in something another person says or does definitely implies that you believe they are wrong. Why were you disappointed in her statement? Was it because it was different from yours or some other reason? You are correct in saying that I feel threatened by your views because people who feel the way you do (on many subjects, not all) are taking my country in a direction that I don't want to go. I worry every day that there are too many people who think we're still heading in the right direction.
When you say that I don't understand the "other side" I have to assume you mean the liberals who are leading our country right now and that your beliefs are in line with theirs to at least some extent. You are exhibiting the kind of arrogance I'm talking about when you tell me that I don't understand what makes the other side tick and that I am threatened by your intelligence. I'm afraid I understand the other side only too well. I spend at least 2-3 hours a day researching what's going on in Washington. I listen to multiple sources, including the liberal media. I am seeing the other side clearly and living with the consequences. I'm sure you are much more intelligent than I am but I'm perfectly ok with that. I'll take common sense over intelligence any day. I'm assuming you voted for Obama and he is destroying the foundation this country was built on. Does that make you a hypocrite? I don't think so. I believe most of us vote according to what we perceive as being right at that time. At least I can admit I made a mistake by voting for Bush. I can admit that sometimes I am a hypocrite and that sometimes I'm condescending. My self esteem is not based on being right or perfect.
The one thing we should all be agreeing on is that we are spending way more than we are bringing in and that is never right. All these programs that are being pushed through are unsustainable. I am beginning to thing that 90% of the people in DC are mentally unstable or they would surely slap themselves and put the brakes on. The liberals are leading the way and the conservatives are following like sheep to the slaughter. We are all going down with them so maybe that makes us all mental cases. I think I may have to jump to the other side with Cutie.
LIBERAL - 4/29/10 @ 3:34 PM: Ally | Side B
Just because I'm disappointed in someone does not mean they are wrong, or even that they are wrong in my eyes. What it means is that I expected her to be level headed as she normally is. You and I for example disagree on Obama, but does it make either of us right or wrong? No, not necessarily. It simply means we have different views. Like I've said before I never once said that she was wrong. Neither did I imply it. It's really that simple.

Allow me to clarify something just so you don’t jump to another conclusion. I have never said that this current administration does not possess arrogance to a certain degree, because I know that it does. You don’t assume the highest office in the land without acquiring some degree of arrogance, but some have taken it to an altogether different level. It’s one thing to pass a bill through Congress and actually have a majority with which to do it. It’s an entirely different form of arrogance to circumvent the Powers of Congress and start a war without the approval of the one body of legislation who actually had the power to do so in the first place.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Maybe I’ve made one with Obama. I don’t know yet, but I’m willing to give him the chance. If I’m not satisfied by 2012 then he most likely will not have my vote. Only time will tell.

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LIBERAL - 4/27/10 @ 10:42 PM:
I don't necessarily despise the Clintons, but I have to say that this is an example that disputes your earlier allegation that most liberals are bleeding hearts. In addition to this I would also state that although I did not approve of every action Clinton and his administration achieved it had a few that were beneficial. The same could be said of Bush's administration, though his beneficial achievements were few and far between.

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LIBERAL - 4/27/10 @ 9:51 PM:
Kaz, you may use this particular subject of Welfare if you like, but just like you've implied both parties are to blame for the failures of this program. And might I add this. Who is the only President to place any restrictions on this program and significantly reduce the number of recipients. Here's a hint. It was not a republican president.

(Answer: William Jefferson Clinton)
The Boss - 4/27/10 @ 10:35 PM: Ally | Side B
Believe it or not there was a lot of things (The more I learn) that I like about Tricky #%@$ but unless I'm mistaken you despise the Clinton's; so why are you quoting their credits? I'm not sure.

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The Boss - 4/27/10 @ 8:14 PM:
I was really making a novel attempt at staying out of this rivalry but can’t withhold anymore.

First and foremost I don’t believe liberalism is a mental condition; it’s a balance of values, ideas, beliefs, any beyond. The primary problem I see with liberalism is the imbalanced amount of compassion most liberals possess. That’s right I said problem. Something I like to say is that too much of any character trait is pure ignorance and that includes compassion. It doesn’t stop there, too much greed, envy, (etc…) is ignorant as well. I say ignorant simply because those who possess too much of any given character trait more than likely don’t realize or refuse to admit it.

Example: A man with a giant heart goes out of his way to help battered woman, sexually abused children, and anyone who has a very troubled life; it’s one thing to spend time, money, love on any particular person but it’s another thing entirely when you’ve become so compassionate(blinded) that you allow the very people you so desperately wanted to help take advantage of you. First you start by taking them food, then by giving them rides, then by giving them a place to stay, electricity, food, clothing….It’s gotten to a point to where you’re no longer helping them, you’re enabling them. Why would these people want to help themselves when they know there are people who will provide it for them? I won’t drift too far off topic but this is similar to the US food stamp program.(Just about any of the social welfare programs.)

To play devil’s advocate liberals would claim conservatives are too greedy and self serving. To generalize I’d disagree but there certainly are conservatives that do have an imbalance of character traits.

I for one haven’t read wikipedia’s entry for liberalism; I don’t see a need. The simple fact that Rick has claimed that they believe in small government tells me one of two things; either the ideology has been hijacked and the meaning of the word has undergone a transformation just like so many other political words have done; republic, democracy, progressive, etc… or those who are in politics that claim the liberal ideology are failing miserably to abide by that principle.
The bottom line is that no single Wikipedia entry should entirely represent your political beliefs. If one page sums you up as a person than one of two things has occurred; you are a sheep grazing on the range or you authored the Wikipedia entry yourself.


I do have to say that I find a couple of things humorous about your comment. First, anyone who casted a vote for President Obama (And so tirelessly supports him) has absolutely no right(don’t take this literally, yes you have the right to say it but I don’t believe it’s valid) to say they believe in small government unless you speak out against nearly all of the actions Obama has taken as president, which you haven’t and won’t because you honestly believe he has the nations best interest at heart, which I adamantly disagree with.

You mention Freedom from a overreaching government: Seriously? Come on Rick. The health care bill gives the government powers they never had before; they’re taxing medical devices, taxing high cost insurance plans (Not sure if this one made the final bill, you’ll have to lmk), requiring citizens to purchase a private good, they’ve been talking about a tax on soft drinks, attempting to eliminate sodium from our diet by persuading companies to comply (That’s the first step), the government controls 90%(guestimate) of loans for home loans, even more control over student loans, the president is ridiculing states for the laws they pass, publicly calling out supreme court justices for decisions rendered, they’re attempting to pass legislation that will require home owners to pass environmental standards for their homes energy efficiency before they can sell their home, they’re working on gps by the mile taxation instead of being taxed by the gallon due to the drop in revenue from the more fuel efficient vehicles on the road. I could go on……Overreaching?

No I’m not kidding about the last one:

“Oregon has already been field testing such a road tax since 2007. And groundwork laid out by the University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center a decade ago provides a solid basis for how such a tax scheme can be ideally carried out. The University of Iowa just received a $16M USD government grant to carry out road tests with 2,700 vehicles in six states. The GPS-equipped vehicles will send data to the University "billing center" which will generate simulated "bills". Source:

Disclaimer or not you previously had an issue with using Wikipedia as a source and now you want us to read it word by word taking it for absolute validity?

A comment of yours in response to one of my sources:

“By the way, as far as the report from Wikipedia concerning the "estimate" of the debt/gdp, even Wikipedia has a disclaimer at the top of the page that doubts the neutrality of the report and some who contributed to it. If you're going to cite pages please read them in their entirety first. It helps with the credibility of your statements.”

I highly doubt the composition of the Liberalism Wikipedia page was a bipartisan effort.

LIBERAL - 4/27/10 @ 9:00 PM: Ally | Side B
All right Kaz. At what point during any of my statements did I say the Wikipedia page was an absolute bearer of the truth? Did I ever say that it exemplified every ideology I represent? Have I ever stated that Wikipedia is the be all end all of all necessary and worldwide information gathering? NO, I DID NOT. I simply suggested to several of you to read it, as I believe the particular definition in question was more in line with what liberalism actually means instead of the concocted belief most people have. Is it entirely accurate? NO, and I never said it was. Once again you, Mama Kaz, and TNinfidel have decided to make up your own minds as to what a liberal really feels instead of actually asking someone. In other words, you don't know me! You'd like to think in all of your infinite wisdom that somehow you have gained a better understanding of other political ideologies, and yet with every statement you make it sends a very clear signal that you DON'T! You don't have the slightest clue, and you simply lump every democrat into the liberal column because it's the easy thing to do. That’s just irresponsible and ignorant of someone who claims to be the least bit intelligent!

While I believe such programs as the Welfare program are far too enabling I believe a fair amount of compassion is certainly due, and when used moderately can work wonders for some. I will not presume to say that any political party is without compassion because I know better. Yet you seem to have no problem once again with stating that most liberals are too compassionate. The only ignorance being displayed is that by you for assuming you know the traits of the majority of liberals in this country when you clearly do not. Name one liberal you have ever spoken to or seen that has displayed too much compassion in any given situation. Name one liberal that you have honestly ever had a conversation with that has led you to this assumption. You and I have never spoken of this matter. We have never spoken once of these “traits”, and whether or not you believed I was far too compassionate. I have never made mention of such a thing, so please tell me what proof you have that the majority of liberals in this country are far too compassionate. The answer is none. It is an assumption you have made based upon loose terms and personal political beliefs. Does that make you wrong? No, but it does make your presumptuous and ill informed. So if either of us are the sheep grazing on the range I simply have one thing to say. You missed a spot!
The Boss - 4/27/10 @ 9:10 PM: Ally | Side B
I never claimed it to be a fact. Never. It is 100% my personal opinion which is what I was offering. I was not insinuating that you were too compassionate. I don't know of a situation to date to where I could claim that. Again, this rivalry is a silly one; with that being said an opinion is what I offered.
The Boss - 4/27/10 @ 9:38 PM: Ally | Side B
Forgot to give you an example of too much compassion:

The ongoing extensions to unemployment. Members of both parties are to blame. Now I will say that political leaders are likely motivated by re-election more than compassion but those average people who support this are definitely blinded by compassion.

Extended unemployment may seem like a great thing to do but it enables a large number of people to put off or discontinue looking for work. We'll have to do a rivalry on this so we can discuss it in more detail.

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mama kaz - 4/27/10 @ 3:48 PM:
I read the definition but if you really believe what it says you might want to start looking for a new party because the liberals in power have certainly departed from small government and many other things the definition describes. I don't know who wrote that definition but it certainly does not describe what I see in liberal politics today. I stand by my statement that liberals tend to have an air of superiority and look down on those who disagree with them. I am mostly referring to our present administration and representatives and MANY very vocal bloggers, tv personalities, news people and radio personalities. I've already acknowledged that conservatives aren't doing any better. You come across as arrogant in your response to Cutie. How dare you tell her that just because she disagrees with you, she's WRONG! Hypocrite!!!! You say you believe in freedom of speech but only as long as it conforms to your idea of fact. Ten people can read the same article and come away with something different. I enjoy hearing what everyone has to say and defend their right to say it regardless of whether or not I agree. These kind of web sites are merely an avenue for sharing opinions. It's not a college course with required reading and term papers. No wonder people think liberals are arrogant.
TNinfidel - 4/27/10 @ 4:47 PM: Rival | Side A
Honestly Rick, you are describing yourself as a libertarian not a liberal. Perhaps you are confused and have been relying on Wiki a bit too much. It is not a credible source as it can be manipulated to reflect agendas.
LIBERAL - 4/27/10 @ 9:46 PM: Ally | Side B
Well, congratulations for being one of the few who apparently had enough insight to actually read the page for a better understanding. As I’ve stated before it is not the basis for my entire belief, but it certainly is more in line with them. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter who wrote the definition. Does it matter who wrote the King James version of the Holy Bible? No, plenty of people seem to be able to take away their own beliefs from every reading. I’ve known people who read the very same passages of the bible I have and have had a very different interpretations than myself. Does that make either of us wrong or right? Not necessarily. So stop lumping people into a category simply because it makes it easier for you to understand. As an educated adult you should not be so naïve or allow yourself to make such a contrived effort.

And I stand by my statements to Cutie122403. I have every right to feel the way I feel about her decision to choose the side that states “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. Did I once say she was wrong for choosing that side? NO, I DID NOT. I did state that I was disappointed that she did. As usual you have tried putting words into my mouth that were never spoken (typed). That is such an irritating trait. If you are going to argue with me about former statements then please make certain that I have actually made them, and that once again you are not making another incorrect assumption. The truth of the matter is Mama Kaz that you feel threatened by my political beliefs, ideologies, and overall intelligence. So you simply attack what you don’t truly comprehend instead of making the conscious effort to understand what makes the other side tick. I am very opinionated and as you can see I will not allow you to “speak” for the other side when you clearly don’t understand the other side. Especially when your ideas of what a liberal truly represents are so far from reality it begs the question “Are you just making this up as you go along?” And I reserve the right to do so because I am to an extent “the other side”.

You have no right to call me a hypocrite. I believe in freedom of speech. I never once said that Cutie had no right to choose that side. She has every right as I have every right to disagree. That is THE definition of freedom of speech. If you want to talk “hypocrisy” try this on for size. You claim that this administration is full of arrogance. Let us not play ignorant to the fact that we both know that you voted for Bush as President. This is the man who blatantly invaded a country they claimed had weapons of mass destruction, and when the time came to produce this evidence, they had none. NONE. Years later he admitted that the decision to go to war with Iraq was one he made simply to remove Saddam Hussein from power and because he could. He didn’t have to answer to anyone. He could do whatever he wanted because he had Executive power on his side. You want to talk about an administration who displays utter arrogance? There you go. You can call me a hypocrite all you want, but we both know nothing I said was hypocritical. For you to make a statement that the current administration is arrogant, but to have voted twice for a man who showed nothing his entire administration but complete arrogance and disdain for anyone who opposed his decisions is nothing short of hypocrisy! And that DOES make YOU a HYPOCRITE!

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mama kaz - 4/22/10 @ 8:42 AM:
I can't really respond until you explain your comment in more detail so I know what you're talking about. I don't know who started this rivalry but I think a lot of people believe that liberalism is a mental disorder. They probably have drawn this conclusion from watching people like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and many others who are saying and doing things that are bizarre. The arrogance in DC is at an all time high and I experienced it first hand when I went there last year. I only encountered one representative who would even talk to me. I don't know which party the people I attempted to speak to are affiliated with because my attempts at conversation were ignored. They treated me like a mosquito that they'd like to swat and be rid of. They work for us but they don't act like it. I can see where some people would draw that conclusion but I think most of our representatives are in perfect mental health but are drunk on power and completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to be serving.
LIBERAL - 4/25/10 @ 8:59 AM: Ally | Side B
All right I have had enough of your ill-conceived and quite frankly ill informed ideas of what liberals actually stand for in this country. I even posted how to look up the actual definition of liberalism for which I can only assume from your previous comments you simply ignored the opportunity. As a true liberal I stand for many things. I stand for the beliefs set down by our own American constitution. I stand for freedom, freedom of an overreaching government, free speech, freedom from religion, and yes even the right to keep and bear arms. If any of you had taken the time to read the article on the Wikipedia page I had suggested you read, you would know this. Instead you have made up your own ideas of what a liberal stands for. Let me be the first to tell you, you are WRONG!! And Mama Kaz, you are guilty as well. You lump people like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank into the party of my ideology and it is simply irresponsible of you to do so. Pelosi and Frank both believe that government somehow has the answers to everything. That is NOT, I repeat NOT what a liberal believes. We believe in limited government. Let’s take two examples of current government overreach in the last decade. The Health Care Reform Act and the Patriot Act. I am using these two laws simply because they were both enacted by Presidents who were either Republican or Democrat.

Do I like the fact that either one was enacted? NO, I do not. Both bills, now laws, represent everything for which I do not stand for. Both are the truest forms of government overreach that I simply do not believe in. Now I know that you may have assumed I wanted or thought the Health Care Reform bill was a good thing due to our previous discussions on, but you are sorely mistaken. Although I believe in health care for all Americans, and though I believe in the principles of some of the new law’s platforms, I do not believe in forcing any American to purchase something for which they do not want to buy. By that same accord I believe in keeping Americans safe from the threat of terrorism, but does that mean I believe it is okay to detain American citizens without due process of law, or allowing law enforcement to search my home without so much as a search warrant? NO, I do not. I do not like either, though I do understand the ideals behind them, both are far too overreaching in my opinion and should never have been passed into law. Yes, I just said that I do not believe the Health Care Reform Bill should never have been passed, but not for the reason you believe. Not because I believe it is too expensive, or that it won’t do anyone any good, but because it is in my opinion unconstitutional. You cannot by law force me to purchase a good for which I have no desire to purchase. Our system is broken. Obama simply was doing what he thought was right for the American people, and though it might do some good, the fact of the matter is that this piece of legislation will end up doing more harm than good. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I know that he means well, just as Bush meant well with the Patriot Act, but both are wrong. They are both responsible now for violating laws and rights set down by our forefathers. Both laws are unconstitutional and I would like to see both repealed. Both Obama and Bush have managed to strip away at our rights and allowing this to continue only paves the way for future rights to be removed.

Now, Mama Kaz I will take issue with your hypocritical statements. You claim that liberals have an air of superiority and look down upon those with whom they disagree. You are wrong. I do not look down upon those with whom I disagree. As a liberal I believe in the Constitution and everything it represents. Which means I also believe in freedom of speech. Because I do believe in freedom of speech I believe everyone has the right to voice their opinions, but where I draw the line are those who base their opinions on unfounded truths, lies, stereotypes, and innuendos. Name calling, “my way or the highway” attitudes, and arrogance have been displayed by both sides. So please don’t insinuate that either party is exempt from these types of behaviors or exemplify how a party should behave, because they are both equally guilty in this matter. If you mistake my abhorrence for ill informed individuals as arrogance or “an air of superiority”, then that is your fault for assuming. Incorrectly I might add. I do not mind when others disagree with me, but at the very least, be well informed and know that what you speak is based on fact or truth if you intend to do so.

The truth is I love to debate. Which by its design means I love to debate either side of the issue and frequently choose both sides simply to see how the other side feels. I believe this allows me to “understand” how my opponents really feel, and gives me insight that otherwise I would not be privy to. So just because I may choose a certain side does not particularly mean that is my “true” stance. It simply means that I am choosing to debate from that corner. If you really want to know how I feel about a certain matter all you need do is remember that I am a true liberal or simply just ask me. If you intend to debate me then I suggest you read up on your material, because chances are I already have.
Now to cutie122403. Really? You honestly believe that liberalism is a mental disorder? I can honestly say that truly disappoints me. I can understand that you may not agree with certain point-of-views with a liberal, but to say that they suffer from mental issues simply because you disagree with their ideologies? I expected something like this from someone named Tninfidel, but really? You? Even Mama Kaz acknowledged that even though she doesn’t agree with certain liberalist views that it is not a mental disorder. I just expected better from you I suppose.

In closing once again I would like to suggest to those of you who clearly have not taken the time to read the Wikipedia definition of liberalism, or any other definitive material to do so. Perhaps you will gain a little more understanding of the true ideologies of a liberal rather than assuming you already know. To my knowledge reading has never hurt anyone. So please, just take the chance. You might be surprised.

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mama kaz - 4/18/10 @ 9:35 AM:
It's not a mental disorder but there are a lot of crazies on both sides. I think the real problem with liberalism is that liberals tend to have an air of superiority and look down on those they disagree with. They do a lot of name calling and exhibit a lot of condescending behavior towards their opponents. Conservatives tend to be too quiet and soft spoken. That's why they don't always accomplish very much and do their best work after the Democrats screw things up by default. That's why we need to encourage change in both parties so that they can work together and share ideas instead of the "my way or the highway" attitude that's going on now. Real change, real change, real change. Maybe if we say it enough and click our heels together three times it will really happen.
Tomegun - 4/21/10 @ 9:07 AM: Ally | Side B
Although I feel that you are on the right side of this rivalry, I think you just exhibited some of the things you accused Liberals of being. I wouldn't want to get into name calling back and forth because that will lead to nothing productive.

I'm not sure if I'm taking this rivalry the right way, but I'm more inclined to think someone who would even ask this question has a mental illness. At some time or another, everyone is right, wrong or stupid.

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TNinfidel - 4/8/10 @ 3:58 PM: Validated Ego
Like the saying goes, "Have an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out."
LIBERAL - 4/9/10 @ 1:09 AM: Rival | Side B
Being a liberal myself I will speak on behalf of most liberals I know. No, liberalism is not a mental disorder. What a ridiculous question. The same could be asked of conservatism. The only real problem with either ideology are the extreme right-wingers or extreme left-wingers. I have to ask my next question simply because most people who have to ask this question truly never try to understand the other side's views and simply attack rather than listen. Have you ever looked up the definition of liberalism? If not then please just type liberal or liberalism into your Google search engine and choose the Wikipedia webpage. I say that this particular definition truly outlines most of my beliefs and ideologies. In other words, it's "spot on". Just so you know. If you are a conservative please understand that although we may have different political beliefs I would never judge you simply based on your own ideologies. I rarely judge at all unless what you say is meant only to incite intolerance for any race, creed, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. You have every right to feel the way you feel, but does that mean you're right. Maybe, but does it mean you're wrong? Who knows? All I know is that I'm an American first. I believe in a government that works for the people, by the people. I have an open mind, a very broad view of the world I think, and my brain has yet to "fall out".
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