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With the US national debt approaching 14 trillion dollars it’s undeniable that we have a serious problem in Washington. Is the most significant problem with the US it’s debt and spending or is it simply a lack of revenue? Spend less or tax?


Posted by in Politics / News on 12/07/10
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Vulcan - 6/27/11 @ 8:17 PM:
Government spending absolutely needs to be cut. Fiscal responsibility and trimming the fat are the way to go, not necessarily cutting welfare or national defense. By cutting defense spending we are effectively pushing even more people into the unemployment pool, and while the welfare system is subject to abuse it is a necessary service. I Strongly believe that it needs to be revised and restricted to include U.A.s for all applicants and current recipients.
The Boss - 6/27/11 @ 8:32 PM: Ally | Side A
U.A's (Meaning what does that mean)?

I see it from a more libertarian view and working in the grocery industry pretty much my entire life has me seeing the need to cut both welfare and Defense. By defense I don't mean military pay I mean LESS military involvement. By welfare I mean requiring drug tests and limiting purchases similar to wic. Did you know that those with EBT cards can pull cash out on a daily basis? Did you know that they can buy papa murhpy's take and bake pizza and candy Easter baskets (From my wifes store)?
Did you know it's incredibly easy to purchase food stamps for half the value in cash? (I've seen it done.) Did you know that some (I emphasize some) people on welfare purchase 20 plus pounds of hamburger meat to feed their animals because they can't buy dog or cat food with EBT?
All I'm saying is there is room for cutting in Defense and public welfare.

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mama kaz - 1/2/11 @ 8:53 AM:
There are people in this country who have been on unemployment for YEARS! If you haven't found a job in years you need to lower your standards. I found great jobs by working for a temp agency. I was offered a job at each temp job I took because I showed up on time and did what I was told. We must cut entitlements. Nobody is going to go to work if they get paid to sit at home and do drugs or watch tv all day. Cut entitlements and cut government corruption. Then and only then will we balance our budget. I agree with Mr Kazinec that if we see corruption we need to report it. These are the people who are taking our country down and we are making it easier to be government dependent every day. The EBT cards are just another example of that. If you're on welfare everyone in line has a right to know because the hard working people who pay taxes are your boss if you're on the government gravy train. They should have more of a say in what you are allowed to buy on food stamps. We must provide incentives to get people to work or soon, the non working will outnumber the working, and all the paychecks will stop. Those who have never had to provide for themselves will then try to take from those who do work.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 12/7/10 @ 4:37 PM:
While I consider myself to be very conservative I'm about to $%#! some people off; it's time to take Chris Christie type actions to a national scale. That means it's time to cut spending across the board and my conservative friends that also means cutting DEFENSE (severely). If we aren't going to give our men and women the ability to win the wars we're engaged in then we need to bring them home. We also need to quit being the global police and peace keepers.

I wouldn't feel right if I didn't %!@% off my liberal friends as well so that means social handouts need to be severely cut as well. I live in a VERY poor county and have witnessed TENNCARE, WIC, and FOOD STAMP (Oh I mean EBT. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.) fraud on several occasions and I'm done playing nice. I don't care who it is (friend, family member, co-workers, stranger); if I'm informed or witness it you're getting reported.

Another one for the liberals: Under no circumstance should any person or family receive a tax refund when they didn't actually pay any income tax. Child tax credits (Thanks Mr. Bush for doubling this without creating any limitations. Sarcasm) should not be able to create a surplus; it should only be able to eliminate a tax burden. Bottom line: A tax return is when you get some of the taxes back that you paid in and it's now being used as a mechanism to buy votes by funding laziness and rewarding failure. I normally despise all of the bumper stickers on Obama supporters vehicles but this one I liked; "If you can't feed em' Don't Breed em!"
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