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With the rumors of foreign countries hacking into the US power grid, should Obama have a switch to the internet?


Posted by in Politics / News on 5/07/09
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The Boss - 10/5/10 @ 9:19 PM:
It's funny how this is such a land slide. Liberals don't seem to have any issues with government intrusion in health care, financial markets, etc... but don't touch the internet?

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Ripi - 5/15/09 @ 11:20 PM:
There is no such switch. I think our people should be better cyberpolice than the Chinese are cybercriminals.

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Jeff - 5/11/09 @ 8:01 PM:
Here again when does this crap stop hey I know lets make a list of things they dont control and send it to them...oh wait that wont be a very long list will it.

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*lil_smarty* - 5/10/09 @ 9:29 AM:
tooooooo far i dont even like obama but after hearing what palin and the other dude were doing 2 peoples hunting polar bear license i think i would vote for obama

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The Boss - 5/9/09 @ 4:36 AM:
I just want to clarify, the representatives name in the video is Weiner. I didn't want there to be ANY confusion.

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mama kaz - 5/7/09 @ 9:06 PM:
I don't like any party having too much power because it's dangerous. There are some very radical things happening in Washington and its scary. The two party system was created so that we have a check and balance in place in order that all Americans are represented in Washington. Nobody is representing me anymore.
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