The Dollar Will Survive

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The Dollar Will Face its Demise

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Looking ahead a couple of years, will the governments spending destroy the US dollar?


Posted by in Business / Economy on 5/20/09
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mama kaz - 6/7/09 @ 11:01 PM:
I believe international currency has been the plan all along. Unfortunately I think it's too late to change the course of this anyway. It's a done deal.

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manonfire - 6/6/09 @ 4:51 PM:
The Constitution specifically states that Congress shall print/coin money based on the gold or silver standard. Instead, they turned that over to a private institution (Federal Reserve Bank) which is backed by nothing.

So yeah, when the value of the dollar drops to nothing, and nothing backs it, the run of the almighty US dollar is going to come to a complete halt and turn the US into a seriously failed nation.
The Boss - 6/6/09 @ 4:57 PM: Ally | Side B
What are your thoughts on an international currency? Do you think that is Obama's objective? Seeing how it's pretty damn obvious he's intentionally destroying the dollar.

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The Boss - 5/20/09 @ 6:53 PM:
Not only will the dollar face its demise, it's being destroyed intentionally by the Obama administration.
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