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Which one is more important to have?


Posted by in Health / Mental Health on 8/29/08
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Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 9/19/08 @ 10:25 PM:
Sorry Dennis you are alone on this one.

Side A Comment

big ben - 9/18/08 @ 5:41 PM:
well, I may not become a millionare with common sense, but I may live to see another day.(e.g.- I was just crossing the street from starbucks with my computer, and I picked up on the fact that the bus was about to hit me, so I got out of the way!:))

Side B Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 9/6/08 @ 12:37 PM:
So lemme get this straight..... I am the only one who values intelligence more than common sense??

LMAO nice.
The Boss - 9/6/08 @ 1:27 PM: Rival | Side A
That's right Mr. Loner, Good luck changing a flat tire with book smarts.

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 9/2/08 @ 8:44 AM:
Sometimes intelligent people are the stupidest people I know in their decision making. I'll take common sense any day.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 9/1/08 @ 10:00 PM:
Lets face it, there are WAY too many people in this world with little or no common sense.

Side A Comment

gonzo - 9/1/08 @ 3:25 PM:
ive seen so many people that couldnt even dress them selves but in the end could explain stupid retarded hard things like it was simple. anybody can be book smart but common sense is like an instinct. id rather be the dumb hunter then the smart hunted.

Side B Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 8/31/08 @ 12:23 PM:
I think common sense is pretty baseline. If you don't have it then you're on your own. It's not only important, it's like a survival requirement.

I'm a big proponent of studying and reading so I'm going with book smarts. If you can figure out how to enjoy it then you're set.
dmosk - 9/5/08 @ 11:55 PM: Rival | Side A
You really shot yourself in the foot with your own comment. You Yourself stated that without common sense your on your own. There are millions of people who are clearly plenty unintelligent who have enough common sense to make it somewhere with life.

Side A Comment

Olivia Newton - 8/31/08 @ 11:45 AM:
While it is commendable to have an education, many folks who are book-learned have little common sense, and that is far more useful in living a well-balanced life.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/29/08 @ 1:56 PM:
I love learning new things and college was very enlightening but I'm sorry if you don't possess the common sense to function in society your screwed no matter how intelligent you are.
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