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ACORN Does More Harm than Good

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Forget the corruption and fraud that's currently in the news. Is ACORN's mission good for America?


Posted by in Politics / News on 5/31/09

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mama kaz - 6/7/09 @ 10:50 PM:
I would like to add that my husband and I worked very hard to get into our first home and did without a lot of things to accomplish this. We have always bought less house than what we could afford and I credit this fact for getting us through very difficult and challenging times. If more people would settle for less expensive, smaller homes we wouldn't have the enormous foreclosure figures we are seeing today. There's been a lot of greed on both sides and that is the other side of this problem. That being said, no one should buy a house if they can't afford to make the payments. That hurts everybody, not just the person who buys the house. We did everything right and yet our house is worth at least 20 thousand less than it was a year ago. We are paying the price for other peoples lack of responsibility. That's not fair.

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mama kaz - 6/7/09 @ 10:40 PM:
Getting low income people into homes they can't afford has done more to destroy the housing market than anything I've ever seen in my 54 years of living. I would like to think we've learned something from this but apparently we have not. ACORN is still out there doing their thing. They need to be shut down NOW!

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cutie122403 - 6/7/09 @ 12:59 AM:
I cannot see any good that these people have ever done.

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The Boss - 5/31/09 @ 7:37 PM:
I have a feeling my opinion on the matter will come off as heartless but that's never stopped me before.

ACORN stands for helping low to moderate income people get homes, stay in their homes, register to vote, etc...

I guess the question really should be is putting and keeping low to moderate income people in homes a good thing? Is registering thousands upon thousands of low to moderate income people to vote a good thing?

I'd insist on the answer being no, it's not a good thing. In regards to housing, I've never heard of a house lifting a person out of poverty, you have a home because you’ve lifted yourself out of poverty. I have heard of thousands and thousands of homes being foreclosed upon due to many things but in part because the people who purchased the homes couldn't afford them. Some couldn't afford them to begin with and others couldn't when the rates went up on the ARM's. Some knew the rates were going to go up and others didn't. For those who didn't I would have to guess and say they were ignorant or uneducated.

Voting is a whole other issue. Yes, it's every Americans right to vote but is there a group of people who possibly contaminate the results due to a particular statistic? Yes.

Unfortunately education level is synonymous with income level and I'll let you guess where the low to moderate income bracket falls. They are unapologetically registering the most unintelligent people of America to vote. Does anyone else have a problem with that?

In my opinion education is the great equalizer. If they truly wanted to make a difference they would spend more time and resources getting people educations and making sure they follow through rather than putting them in houses they can't afford or giving them a voice in elections when they don't possess the knowledge to make an educated decision. Educated people don’t need someone or something to tell them to vote, they know the significance of it.
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