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conservative vs. progressive

"don't be shy... " (read more)

3 comments | Posted in Politics / Parties by me on 11/20/13 at 9:09pm

Zaxby's vs. Chik-fil-a

"Politics and equal rights aside and First amendment set aside, which chicken is better? Just based on flavor! " (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Business / Companies by DollyFan on 8/02/12 at 8:08pm

New Health Care Law is Treason Scum vs. Health Care Plan is What USA Needs

"Forcing Americans to pay for health care even when they can not get it or afford it is loving, right? Obama said in his campaign that everyone will be ..." (read more)

27 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by big ben on 7/07/12 at 2:02pm

Release 10 years of Tax Returns vs. Stick to his guns!!!!! No release.

"Should Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney release more tax returns? Would Harry Reid finally shut up? Will it prove anything at all? Will it mean anything to the voters? " (read more)

5 comments | Posted in Politics / Elections by LIBERAL on 8/03/12 at 3:03am

Internet Sales Tax Okay With Me vs. No National Internet Sales Tax

"Tax hungry politicians have been dreaming of imposing (Forcing) a national mandate for charging sales tax for online purchases even when the retail has no presence in the state. ..." (read more)

3 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Kaz on 7/22/12 at 10:10pm

Celebrity Support Increases Integrity vs. Hollywood Support Hurts Credibility

"Does the overwhelming support from Hollywood heavy hitters like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Oprah, etc… for President Obama help or hurt your opinion of him? Do these endorsements ..." (read more)

11 comments | Posted in Politics / Elections by Kaz on 6/17/12 at 12:12pm

honda vs. toyota

"both last long " (read more)

4 comments | Posted in Videos / Vehicles by Logan Kazinec on 6/23/12 at 9:09pm

Behavior Representative of Most LGBT vs. Individual Act, Most have More Class

"In the first ever Gay Pride reception at the white house a couple of gay activists took it upon themselves to give the late president Ronald Reagan the bird ..." (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Kaz on 6/23/12 at 7:07am

Seeking Wealth is a Bad Thing vs. Nothing Wrong with Prosperity

"Is it wrong, immoral, or unethical to strive for prosperity? Has it become a bad thing to become wealthy or to even attempt to build wealth? " (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Other / Living by Kaz on 6/07/12 at 4:04pm

America is Much Better Off vs. USA is Much Worse After Obama

"As the first term of President Barack Obama winds to an end it’s a fair question to ask, Are we better off after nearly four years of this administration? ..." (read more)

1 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Kaz on 6/13/12 at 7:07am

Education Not Worth the Cost vs. Tuition Cost is Worth Education

"Depending on the state, university, and field of study a student can be saddled with debt ranging from 15 to 250 thousand dollars. As tuition consistently rises it’s a ..." (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Other / Education by Kaz on 5/28/12 at 12:12pm

Broken Promises Equals Lost Business vs. Axing Unlimited is Good Business

"Verizon Wireless (Big Red) has announced they will no longer be honoring unlimited data plans for their long loyal customers who were grandfathered in. Will this cost them major ..." (read more)

5 comments | Posted in Business / Companies by Kaz on 5/30/12 at 6:06pm

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