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Good Idea vs. Step Too Far?

"Internet 'Kill Switch to shut down entire swathes of the Web, or even the whole Internet, at the president's order. " (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Jeff on 6/18/10 at 10:10pm

Another World War is Very Likely vs. The World is Different – Peace Wins

"The world is a volatile place; North Korea attacking South Korea, Israel’s conflict with Palestine and likely conflict with Iran, worldwide economic dysfunction, Greece riots, etc... Will there be ..." (read more)

4 comments | Posted in World / Conflicts by Kaz on 6/23/10 at 10:10am

Keep Assault Rifles Legal vs. Ban Assault Rifles

"Should American citizens be able to own assault rifles or should Super Lib Obama and his allies in Congress ban them? " (read more)

61 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 5/03/09 at 8:08pm

Power and Control vs. Best Interest of "The People"

"What do you think President Obama's real objective is? Power and Control or does he have our best interest in mind? " (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Kaz on 8/26/09 at 7:07pm

should the government get to choose vs. Should you get to choose

"Should you get to choose what you do as long as you’re not hurting anyone else. As an example, should smoking pot be legalized in a similar way to ..." (read more)

11 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by bowchamp on 8/08/09 at 4:04pm

Post-game Handshake vs. No Handshake

"Does a post-game handshake display good sportsmanship or does the natural rivalry make it OK to just leave like LeBron? " (read more)

13 comments | Posted in Sports / Basketball by Tomegun on 6/03/09 at 1:01am

dollar will take back off in a year vs. dollar will be worse in a year

"This is a debate in regards to how the dollar will be affected by Cap and Trade, Taxes, and Social Med if passed. " (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by big ben on 7/01/09 at 10:10pm

Dec 21st 2012 Life goes on vs. Dec 21st 2012 Life ends

"Ok, when we make it to 2012 do we worry like we did with Y2K or sit back and laugh at it all? " (read more)

14 comments | Posted in Science / News by Jeff on 6/04/09 at 6:06pm

West Coast Americans vs. East Coast Americans

"Which coast has the more intelligent population? I know it's general, but I'm curious on what people think. " (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Other / Living by Kaz on 5/28/09 at 10:10am

Tan Under the Sun vs. Tan Under Fluorescent Lamps / Bulbs

"There both bad for your skin but which method of tanning is for you? " (read more)

10 comments | Posted in Health / Other by Kaz on 5/31/09 at 7:07pm

Dolly Parton vs. Carrie Underwood

"Who's better...Dolly or Carrie? " (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Entertainment / Music by DollyFan on 5/17/09 at 10:10am

The Dollar Will Survive vs. The Dollar Will Face its Demise

"Looking ahead a couple of years, will the governments spending destroy the US dollar? " (read more)

4 comments | Posted in Business / Economy by Kaz on 5/20/09 at 6:06pm

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