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Dr. Jack Cassel Has the Right vs. Dr Cassel is Out of Line - Reprimand

"Dr. Jack Cassel posted an anti Obama sign outside his urology clinic. Should he be penalized or does he have the right? " (read more)

16 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 4/05/10 at 5:05pm

Legalize Sports Betting in the USA vs. Continue the ban on betting in the US

"Online Sports Betting is currently illegal in much of the US. Should it be regulated, taxed and legalized? " (read more)

2 comments | Posted in Business / Money by dannomatic on 4/07/10 at 12:12pm

Keep Assault Rifles Legal vs. Ban Assault Rifles

"Should American citizens be able to own assault rifles or should Super Lib Obama and his allies in Congress ban them? " (read more)

61 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 5/03/09 at 8:08pm

Harvard Law Student vs. Barney Frank

"Who came out on top of this heated exchange between an elected official and a Harvard Law Student? " (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 4/09/09 at 8:08am

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