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Ignorance is Easier to Tolerate vs. Arrogance is Easier to Tolerate

"We all have unique character traits with some being positive and others not so much but when it comes to other people, are more tolerant of people who are ..." (read more)

32 comments | Posted in Other / Living by Kaz on 6/09/10 at 10:10am

James Camerons Titanic vs. James Camerons Avatar

"James Cameron doesn't make your run of the mill films but which movie is better? Titanic or Avatar? Outstanding Films. " (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Entertainment / Movies by Kaz on 1/09/10 at 5:05pm

We Are Safer with Obama in Office vs. We Are Less Secure with Obama

"Considering the recent terrorist attacks (Fort Hood and Airplane in Detrioit) are we safer or in more danger with Obama? " (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 12/27/09 at 1:01pm

Sarah Palin is Ready to Lead the USA vs. Sarah Palin Not Ready for Presidency

"Is Sarah Palin ready (qualified) to be president of the USA? Or will she ever be ready? How do you feel about her 2012 chances and whether or not ..." (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Politics / Candidates by Kaz on 12/04/09 at 5:05pm

Obama Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize vs. Obama Didn't Deserve the Nobel Prize

"Has Barack Hussein Obama accomplished enough in his life to be deserving of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize? " (read more)

12 comments | Posted in World / News by Kaz on 10/09/09 at 6:06pm

Recycle. Be Green. vs. Send to landfill

"Do you recycle or throw away? Why or why not? " (read more)

7 comments | Posted in Other / Living by DollyFan on 10/07/09 at 11:11am

Brass vs. Woodwinds

"Which group is better? " (read more)

2 comments | Posted in Other / Other by Phoenix 3/1 on 8/15/09 at 5:05pm

Post-game Handshake vs. No Handshake

"Does a post-game handshake display good sportsmanship or does the natural rivalry make it OK to just leave like LeBron? " (read more)

13 comments | Posted in Sports / Basketball by Tomegun on 6/03/09 at 1:01am

Gay Commitment vs. Non Gay Commitment

"Should gays be allowed to have marriage, civil union or other commitment equal to marriage? " (read more)

36 comments | Posted in Other / Living by DollyFan on 5/23/09 at 11:11pm

Dec 21st 2012 Life goes on vs. Dec 21st 2012 Life ends

"Ok, when we make it to 2012 do we worry like we did with Y2K or sit back and laugh at it all? " (read more)

14 comments | Posted in Science / News by Jeff on 6/04/09 at 6:06pm

Our Health and Well Being vs. Profits - Not Curing but Maintaining

"Pharmaceutical Companies: Are they concerned with curing and helping or profiting and addicting? Watch both Videos. " (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Health / Drugs by Kaz on 6/14/09 at 10:10am

North Korea - Will Only Bluff vs. North Korea - Will Use a Nuclear Bomb

"Kim Jong-il is Nuts but do you think he'll actually strike another country with a nuclear weapon? " (read more)

9 comments | Posted in World / Conflicts by Kaz on 5/28/09 at 11:11am

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