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Iphone Users are Slaves to the Brand vs. 4G LTE not Important. Better Product

"Is the technology in the Iphone 4S really enough to justify the lack of 4G lte support? Are the Apple faithful a bunch of mindless brand slaves or ..." (read more)

1 comments | Posted in Tech / Devices by Kaz on 12/06/11 at 3:03pm

Ines Sainz Unfairly Stereotyped vs. Reporter Got What She Deserved

"By now you’ve heard of Ines Sainz the attractive Mexican sports reporter and the claim of sexual harassment in the New York Jets locker room but do you think ..." (read more)

9 comments | Posted in Sports / Football by Kaz on 9/18/10 at 3:03pm

9/11 Was an Inside Job vs. 911 Was an Act of Terrorism

"Many people claim 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government and not an act of terrorism planned by Al-Qaeda. There are many arguments supporting the inside job theory but ..." (read more)

9 comments | Posted in World / Conflicts by Kaz on 9/11/10 at 3:03pm

I Want them to Repeal ObamaCare vs. It’s Law. Get Over It!

"Unless you’re naïve you have to admit that Republicans will be gaining a majority in the House and possibly the Senate. When that takes place do you want the ..." (read more)

7 comments | Posted in Politics / Elections by Kaz on 9/16/10 at 6:06pm

I’d Support Infrastructure Spending vs. Unbelievable. No Way to 50+ billion

"President Obama is now pushing for a minimum of 50 billion for US infrastructure. Wasn’t infrastructure one of his main promoting bullet points for the 787b stimulus bill ..." (read more)

4 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 9/06/10 at 9:09am

Bible is Still a Credible Source vs. Bible Has Lost it's Credibility

"In the not so distant past the bible used to be the ultimate source; if it was in the bible it was fact. Does the bible still have that ..." (read more)

12 comments | Posted in Other / Religion by Kaz on 8/31/10 at 3:03pm

Say it loud and Proud. Keep Sharing. vs. Too Much Information. Stop Sharing.

"Do people go too far when sharing information on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace? Is it okay to let the world know you’re on the can or ..." (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Tech / Internet by Kaz on 8/22/10 at 9:09am

Fantasy Football is a Wee Bit Gay vs. Nothing Wrong With It. Manly Thing.

"Everyone knows someone who has played it but is playing fantasy football in the same category as dungeons and dragons or is it manly like actually playing the sport ..." (read more)

3 comments | Posted in Sports / Football by Kaz on 8/29/10 at 7:07pm

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder vs. Liberalism is not a Mental Disorder

"Is liberalism a mental illness and if it is, is there a cure? " (read more)

38 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by TNinfidel on 4/08/10 at 3:03pm

Dr. Jack Cassel Has the Right vs. Dr Cassel is Out of Line - Reprimand

"Dr. Jack Cassel posted an anti Obama sign outside his urology clinic. Should he be penalized or does he have the right? " (read more)

16 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 4/05/10 at 5:05pm

Courageous Mother – Good Example vs. Child Abuse - Bad Idea for Discipline

"A Tennessee mother took an unusual approach to punishing her 13 year old son. Watch the video. What do you think? " (read more)

7 comments | Posted in Other / Crimes by Kaz on 4/19/10 at 10:10pm

Teenagers Should Be Listed - Sex List vs. Teens Should Be Excluded From List

"In Tennessee lawmakers are attempting to add Teenagers to a public sex offender list. Would you support this? " (read more)

4 comments | Posted in Other / Crimes by Kaz on 4/05/10 at 6:06pm

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