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Olympic Swimming vs. Olympic Gymnastics

"Which Summer Olympic sport do you enjoy watching more? Michael Phelps and company in the pool or Gabrielle Douglas and the fab five on the gymnastic mats? Doesn’t have ..." (read more)

7 comments | Posted in World / Olympics by Kaz on 8/03/12 at 7:07pm

gears of war 3 vs. call of duty black ops

"Which game is better Gears of War 3 or Call of Duty Black Ops? " (read more)

2 comments | Posted in Gaming / Games by inyofacesuck on 3/21/12 at 7:07am

Speak Up! The Truth Hurts. vs. Stay Out of It. Shut Your Mouth!

"So your good friend and their spouse / gf are PUBLICLY arguing on Facebook. You have strong opinions on the argument and would love to chime in but then ..." (read more)

5 comments | Posted in Tech / Internet by Kaz on 9/11/11 at 9:09am

Weiner Backlash. Not a Sign of Future vs. Referendum on Obama and Democrats

"Considering the upset in New York’s 9th district where Bob Turner defeated David Weprin and in Nevada where Mark Amodei delivered a beat down to Kate Marshall you have ..." (read more)

3 comments | Posted in Politics / Elections by Kaz on 9/14/11 at 8:08pm

Netflix Price Hike is a Deal Breaker vs. I Don’t Stream and DVD. No Problem

"Netflix has announced a significant price increase that equates to a 60% increase. If you currently have streaming and dvd’s it will go from $7.99 to $14.98; even more ..." (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Tech / Companies by Kaz on 7/13/11 at 8:08pm

StumbleUpon vs. Digg

"witch one do you think is best to discover new things on the web? " (read more)

5 comments | Posted in Tech / Internet by Marcuss on 11/17/08 at 7:07am

Economy vs. Health Care

"What is the most important issue to you right now? " (read more)

2 comments | Posted in Politics / Elections by Kaz on 10/24/08 at 8:08pm

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