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PIPA and SOPA are a Good Thing vs. Censoring the Internet is Bad Idea

"The US Congress will be voting on the Protect IP Act of 2011 (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) next week. Are these bills a good thing ..." (read more)

7 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 1/18/12 at 1:01pm

Injustice for Caylee Anthony-Appalled vs. Justice Prevailed. Casey is Innocent!

"A jury in Florida has found Casey Anthony innocent of all charges except for 4 counts of providing false information to officers. She is facing a maximum of 4 ..." (read more)

14 comments | Posted in Other / Crimes by Kaz on 7/05/11 at 4:04pm

EBT for Essentials. Bread, Milk, etc. vs. Food Stamps for Pizza is No Problem

"It turns out that Papa Murphy's pizza proudly accepts EBT customers. Is this okay with you? You can buy candy Easter baskets, pull cash out daily, and now pizza ..." (read more)

11 comments | Posted in Health / Foods by Kaz on 7/03/11 at 9:09pm

I Support a Balanced Budget Amendment vs. No Way to Constitutional Amendment

"As the July 22nd or August 2 deadline looms our trusted representatives are flirting with the idea of attempting to pass a balanced budget Amendment to the United States ..." (read more)

4 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 7/14/11 at 4:04pm

Hyperinflation vs. Bankruptcy

"Which would you rather see happen, either hyperinflatin or bankruptcy. Pick one cause one of the two is gonna happen. " (read more)

4 comments | Posted in Business / Economy by metaplane on 7/09/11 at 5:05pm

Big Bang – Single Atom Just Existed vs. God or Deity Created Universe

"What do you find more believable? According to the big bang theory the universe started with a single atom that exploded causing a reaction that created a universe that ..." (read more)

22 comments | Posted in Science / Space by Kaz on 6/21/11 at 6:06pm

Mobile Website - .MOBI vs. Application - AppStore - Marketplace

"With the smart phone revolution in full effect what is more important for websites and businesses to utilize, Mobile websites or applications? Are .mobi websites still relevant or has ..." (read more)

2 comments | Posted in Tech / Devices by Kaz on 7/07/11 at 11:11am

Resume's Should be One Page Only vs. Not Always an Option. Two pages is Ok

"I’ve heard it both ways but the reality is that sometimes there is entirely too much information to fit it in a one page resume. What do you think, ..." (read more)

5 comments | Posted in Business / Economy by Kaz on 6/10/11 at 8:08pm

Unfair and Demeaning to Those in Need vs. Require Random Drug Tests for Welfare

"Kentucky and Florida have passed laws requiring random drug testing for recipients of public welfare. (AKA, Food Stamps, EBT, etc.) Do you think this should be a requirement for ..." (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 6/01/11 at 6:06pm

Anti-War Movement Against GOP Only vs. Liberal Media Protecting Obama

"What has happened to the anti-war movement? Where are all of the obnoxious protests? Are they opting out of criticizing their progressive leader or has the liberal media stopped ..." (read more)

2 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Kaz on 6/14/11 at 4:04pm

Release the Death Pictures of OBL vs. Don’t Release Osama Bin Laden Picture

"Following many questionable actions taken by the US government following the assassination of Osama Bin Laden many are questioning if he is actually dead. Do you want them to ..." (read more)

7 comments | Posted in World / Conflicts by Kaz on 5/04/11 at 8:08am

It's far too time consuming for me! vs. I'm going to start Extreme Couponing

"Do you think the show "Extreme Couponing" is just a little ridiculous or do you actually enjoy watching the show? Would you go as far as they do ..." (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Entertainment / Television by cutie122403 on 5/07/11 at 8:08am

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