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Bible is Still a Credible Source vs. Bible Has Lost it's Credibility

"In the not so distant past the bible used to be the ultimate source; if it was in the bible it was fact. Does the bible still have that ..." (read more)

12 comments | Posted in Other / Religion by Kaz on 8/31/10 at 3:03pm

I'd Rather Deal with Yuppie Snobs vs. Bring on the Trashy and Un-Educated

"What type of person would you rather deal with? This could be in a business environment or out in public. Would you rather interact with yuppie snobs or their ..." (read more)

7 comments | Posted in Other / Living by Kaz on 8/04/10 at 2:02pm

CNN is Guilty of Racial Bias - Agenda vs. CNN has Done Nothing Wrong

"Fox News seems to be on their own with covering the racist death threats made by Philadelphia’s head of the Black Panther party. (King Samir Shabazz) Does CNN’s lack ..." (read more)

18 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 7/14/10 at 2:02pm

Viagra Should be Provided to Teachers vs. Viagra is a Luxury Pill, Do Not Fund.

"A Milwaukee Teachers union is suing to have Viagra provided as a part of the medication package as it once was at a cost of $786,000 per year. All ..." (read more)

6 comments | Posted in Health / Drugs by Kaz on 8/09/10 at 6:06am

Ignorance is Easier to Tolerate vs. Arrogance is Easier to Tolerate

"We all have unique character traits with some being positive and others not so much but when it comes to other people, are more tolerant of people who are ..." (read more)

32 comments | Posted in Other / Living by Kaz on 6/09/10 at 10:10am

I’ll Take the Standard $10 Tickets vs. IMAX Tickets are Worth the Cost

"We’re not talking about four dollar matinee tickets anymore; ten dollar standard tickets, $16.50 for IMAX tickets, $8 for popcorn, and $7 for a coke. Do the math; ..." (read more)

10 comments | Posted in Entertainment / Movies by Kaz on 7/03/10 at 4:04pm

Endorsements Influence My Decision vs. Hyperbole, Irrelevant, Non-sense.

"When it comes to elections do celebrity and political endorsements of candidates have any affect on your decision in the election booth or do you consider such acts to ..." (read more)

5 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Kaz on 7/01/10 at 2:02pm

Obama is a U. S. citizen. vs. Obama is not a U. S. citizen.

"When Obama entered college he was given a scholarship for foreign students. If he were born in Hawaii, why would he be considered a foreigner? " (read more)

13 comments | Posted in World / Leaders by Olivia Newton on 6/02/10 at 9:09pm

Good Idea vs. Step Too Far?

"Internet 'Kill Switch to shut down entire swathes of the Web, or even the whole Internet, at the president's order. " (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Politics / Other by Jeff on 6/18/10 at 10:10pm

Un-Presidential and Unacceptable vs. Appropriate Considering the Situation

"President Barack Obama chose to use the phrase “Who’s Ass to Kick” when talking to Matt Lauer about the deep horizon oil spill and BP’s role in the disaster. ..." (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 6/08/10 at 11:11pm

Another World War is Very Likely vs. The World is Different – Peace Wins

"The world is a volatile place; North Korea attacking South Korea, Israel’s conflict with Palestine and likely conflict with Iran, worldwide economic dysfunction, Greece riots, etc... Will there be ..." (read more)

4 comments | Posted in World / Conflicts by Kaz on 6/23/10 at 10:10am

I’m Not Concerned, Obama Not Involved vs. Makes Me Wonder if Obama Was Involved

"With the white house publicly admitting Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel were involved with extending a job offer to Joe Sestak if he dropped out of the race; does ..." (read more)

8 comments | Posted in Politics / News by Kaz on 6/09/10 at 10:10am

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