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What Is The Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

IC 31-11-3-8 Applicability of the Agreement § 8. (a) A prenutial agreement is not enforceable if a party against whom enforcement is sought proves that: (1) the party did not voluntarily sign the agreement; or (2) the contract was unscrupulous at the time of performance of the contract. (b) where: (1) a provision of a prenutial contract modifies or eliminates the maintenance of the spouses; and (2) the modification or elimination results in one (1) party to the following 31-11-3-6 on the effective date § 6. A prenutial agreement comes into effect with the marriage. From P.L.1-1997, SEC.3. The Uniform Prenutial Agreement Act states that the parties are free to create financial terms on which they both agree – with certain limitations. It makes mandatory a review of the minimum standards of fairness by the State according to the circumstances at the time of the agreement. Once reviewed, a State may refuse to implement an agreement that exposes a party to financial risk. If a marriage is annulled, an agreement that would otherwise have been a prenutial agreement is enforceable only to the extent necessary to avoid an unjust outcome. From P.L.1-1997, SEC.3. “In order to determine whether the agreement is unscrupulous, the court may also redefine in Article 2 the seemingly almost universal rule on prenuptial agreement to regulate the issue of conjugal assistance. Some states do not make this [law] come into force __. .

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