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What Is A Common Use Agreement

Contracts, also known as Common Use Agreements (AUAs), exist for goods and services commonly purchased by the government. B such as fuel, computers, electricity, travel, advertising, food and stationery. For regional purchases, there are regional purchasing agreements (RCC) and group purchase agreements (GTC). Examples include food, agricultural products and waste management services. To apply for a specific Common Use Arrangement (AUC), please contact the Contract Manager listed on the AUC page. Below is a list of sharing contracts established by the Department of Finance that must be used in the purchase of covered goods or services. To provide comments, complaints, compliments or suggestions, please use our feedback management form to accept purchases: For furniture and appliances that are not available in the common use arrangement, the consultant must request quotes in accordance with the guidelines of the State Procurement Commission. Most AUCs are mandatory for government agencies in the Perth metropolitan area. If your delivery point is WA regional and there is a AUC, but the AUC is not mandatory in the regions, you can: Potential applicants from PBI or other government agencies must complete the application form and provide documents demonstrating their ability to meet the eligibility criteria. Metropolitan Trade Services Breakdown Repair, Scheduled Maintenance, Minor Work and Professional Services for Healthcare Providers Panel Arrangements. IBOs requesting access to AUCs are subject to additional licensing requirements if registered under the Corporations Act.

In the case of a PBI limited by guarantee, the articles of the company must prohibit (and continue to prohibit) any distribution of profits or property to its members. In the case of a PBI limited by shares, approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of participation of the Company and the terms of trading of these shares. If it is a sharing agreement or a panel agreement, the header agreement is a standing offer in which customers and potential customers can purchase products and/or services specified in the header agreement by the entrepreneur. If it is not a sharing agreement or a panel agreement, the customer contract applies to the products and/or services specified in the customer`s contractual documents. The registry of people who can purchase from Common Use Agreements (AUAs) lists all approved AUC users. This list helps contracted AUC providers identify individuals and entities approved to access their government contracts. Perth Metropolitan Fence Repair and Maintenance Panel Agreement If this is not a Joint Use Agreement or Panel Agreement, the Customer Agreement applies to the products and/or services specified in the Customer Agreement documents. Submit a written request to the Department of Finance and provide a rationale for access to AUCs under section 23 of the SSC Act, 1991. Welcome to the new Contracts WA website, where you can find buying guides for Common Use Agreements (CMAs), Regional Purchasing Agreements (RGB) and Group Purchasing Agreements (GBAs). .

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