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West Midlands Railway Franchise Agreement

But Mr Street insisted that the company that operates trains across the Black Country, Birmingham and Shropshire would remain “under strict control” and warned that the risk of a franchise would remain. We are partners with the West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE), a partnership of 16 local transport authorities in the Metropolitan District, Shire and Unitary, which have gained more influence and control over local rail transport in a fully decentralised franchise that began in December 2017. A set of improvements is incorporated into the franchise agreement to stimulate economic growth and employment across the region. This is the first time that West Midlands authorities have had such influence in explaining what a railway company should do for passengers on site. “Since I issued my ultimatum to improve or lose the franchise, west Midlands trains have improved and performance is on track. Franchise agreement and ancillary documents for West Midlands Trains Limited. “The West Midlands Trains have not fulfilled their obligations – their franchise agreement and especially their passengers. West Midlands trains will continue to operate on the area`s rail network after Mayor Andy Street withheld his threat to ask the government to deprive the company of the franchise. The decentralisation of the railways gives control over the specifications, the management and, in some cases, the acquisition of certain railway franchises to local authorities. This model has been used successfully in other parts of the UK in Scotland, Wales, Merseyside and London.

Trains operating only in the West Midlands are jointly operated by the Department for Transport (DfT) and the WMR. “The West Midlands Trains have not fulfilled their obligations in violation of their franchise agreement and, above all, their passengers. The actions we are taking mean that they must invest in the rapid improvement of services so that passengers have reliable and punctual trains that they can count on. “Therefore, I will check WMT with everything mentioned above regularly, with the risk of losing the franchise, always very real. February`s half-time will be the next real test of the personnel situation, and I will not hesitate to ask you to take the WMT franchise if last year`s problems resurface. The announcement relates to trains on the West Midlands Railway and the London Northwestern. West Midlands Trains Ltd (a joint venture between Abellio, East Japan Railway Company and Mitsui – Co Ltd) is the company that operates the region`s passenger transport under the new franchise. Local rail links are operationally known as the West Midlands Railway. London Northwestern operates the West Coast Main Line between London and Liverpool, crossing the West Midlands.

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