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Weight Watchers Subscription Agreement

If your credit card expires, is canceled, is lost, or can be used without your permission, go to the site`s account settings to update your subscription information. You are fully responsible for all activities that take place under your user account. You are responsible for paying all amounts debited from your credit card by a third party that are not authorized by you. You are solely responsible for any printed materials you receive that allow you to use or access the Services offline (para. B any WW membership/access card that can be provided). You agree that these printed materials are for your personal, non-commercial and non-transferable use. • WW prohibits participation in its weight loss plan for children under the age of 13, people with an active medical diagnosis of bulimia or anorexia nervosa and during pregnancy. 11.2. It is strongly advised to seek the advice of a medical professional before you start losing weight or performing fitness activities or exercise routines. The Membership Products, website and Applications are intended for use and/or access only by healthy adults. Before you start a weight loss plan, make sure you are not underweight.

The Membership Products, website and Applications are not intended for use by minors, pregnant women or persons suffering from any type of health problem. These people are specifically advised to consult a professional doctor before starting any form of weight loss. Fitness activities or workout routines.

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