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Credit Representative Agreement

The Authorized Representative of the Company acknowledges that despite all other provisions of this Agreement, licensee may use confidential information to comply with the terms of licensee`s AFSL and the law. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and the Federal Court of Australia, as well as all jurisdictions that may hear appeals of such courts on proceedings related to this Agreement. (ii) not to enter into contracts for or on behalf of the lessee, or to act or precede any act in any way on behalf of the lessee, unless expressly so permitd by this Agreement. 4. If the sub-regulation (3) is not known from the place where the debtor, debtor or guarantor has his habitual residence, legal proceedings must be instituted before a court of the State or territory where the debtor, debtor or guarantor had his habitual residence at the time of the credit agreement, from the rental agreement to consumption, the mortgage or guarantee. (1) Pursuant to Article 71(3) of the Code, a credit agreement (with the exception of a permanent credit agreement) requires the following amount of information: (a) the credit activity consists solely of a person (person 1) transmitting, publishing, disseminating or disseminating a document made available or approved by another person (person 2); and I agree that the lender enters the premises for the purpose of taking over the mortgaged goods described below. (b) a third party entitled to act for a lender or lessor (on the basis of a written agreement with the lender or lessor); and Note Section 149 of the Code provides that the debtor may terminate the insurance contract and claim from the insurer a proportional reduction in premiums if a credit agreement is terminated before the expiry of the term of a credit insurance contract on mortgage-financed property. Article 149(2) provides that a creditor must inform the debtor of the debtor`s rights in accordance with Article 149. The information must be provided at the end of the credit agreement. (b) apply for a licence to carry out credit activities of the kind that the person is entitled to perform under a law of a State or territory; (e) the warning must also be posted in an area within the establishment where it is visible from the place where a consumer would have dealing with the licensee or a representative of the customer. For Article 162(2) of the Code, the following credit amounts are mandatory as amounts for which it is necessary to determine whether a reference interest rate applies to a secured loan or an unsecured loan: the applicable law means all laws, including laws, regulations, instruments and all principles or rules of ordinary law or equity relevant to the performance of the obligations of a party to the this Agreement and for activities; that the authorized representative of the company or an underauthorized representative may perform, including, but not limited to, the Data Protection Act 1988 (Cth). This Part does not apply to a licensee or registered person authorized by a lender or lessor to collect repayments if: (1) In subsection 133BF(7) of the Act, a requirement must be met that, if a licensor`s acceptance of the credit limit is to be granted in response to written notification from the licensee, written notification: (a) to act as the licensee`s authorised representative in respect of the transaction; and (d) that this agreement constitutes a binding and valid obligation; Section 31B of the Code applies to a credit provider or a person prescribed by the rules. .

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