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Cisco Enterprise Agreement End User Information Form

2.5. Software interoperability. If required by law and on your request, Cisco will provide you with the information necessary to achieve interoperability between the software and another independently created program, provided that you agree to all the additional conditions reasonably required by Cisco. You treat this information as confidential information. Cisco uses an “end-user information form” (EUIF) to document the exact inventory based on the type and number of products and services the EA will cover. EUIF also sets the growth allowance. You should receive, verify and validate EUIF at an early stage of your negotiations with Cisco to determine the optimal base and growth allocation. For example, if your forecast of what you will consume under the EA is very accurate, you may want to slightly reduce the EA, so that the 20% integrated growth allocation covers the excess expected by such an undersizing and thus maximizes the realized value of the allocation by 20%. 3.4. Protecting access to the account. You keep all account information up to date, use appropriate means to protect your account information, passwords and other login information, and immediately notify Cisco of any known or suspected unauthorized use or access to your account.

Cisco Unified CME offers call processing for Cisco Unified IP phones for distributed corporate branch environments and retail services. Even branches within the same company may have different requirements and requirements when it comes to unified communications. Cisco Unified CME meets these requirements by providing call control, mobility and localized conferences in addition to data applications on Cisco`s Integrated Service Routers (ISRs). If you use Cisco technology in a location where local laws require a notified organization to be responsible for collecting data on individual end-users and transferring data outside that jurisdiction (. B for example, Russia and China), you recognize that you are the body responsible for complying with these laws. 12.11. Force majeure. With the exception of payment obligations, neither party is liable for non-compliance with its obligations due to an event or circumstances beyond their proper control. You agree to be bound to the terms of these CLE by (a) your download, installation or use of Cisco technology; or (b) your explicit consent to this ECJ. 10.2.

Resignation. If a party significantly contravenes this BLUE and does not violate the violation within 30 days of receiving a written notification of an infringement, the non-injurious party may, for that reason, terminate that CLUE. Cisco may terminate this CLLU immediately if you violate sections 2.1 (license and right to use), 3.1 (Cisco Technology Generally), 3.2 (Cloud Services) or 12.8 (Export). After the end of the EULA CL, you must stop using Cisco technology and destroy copies of software and confidential information within your control. If this CLE is terminated due to a substantial Cisco breach, Cisco will refund you, or to your authorized source, the proportionate portion of the fees you paid in advance for the user fees beyond the termination date.

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