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Book Club Agreements

Many book clubs start when a few friends meet and decide they want to meet regularly to discuss books. So if you want to create a group – a great place to start with your friends – but don`t think they share your expectations about the kind of books they can read or how the club will unfold. Some clubs remain very focused on discussing books, others may touch the book before moving on to the general chat; some expect members to prioritize the book club, others rejoice when it is comfortable for people to pass by; Some insist that the book must be read before attending the session, others are not opposed to it. There is no right way to run a book club, but what is crucial to the happiness of the group is that the members agree on some of the bases that we will discuss on the next page. Many book clubs are made up of people of similar ages and stadiums in life, but it is interesting to note that groups that have a number of age groups and/or a mix of men and women often say how much they appreciate different perspectives. Before you start your own club, you should visit other groups. Many libraries and bookstores run book clubs that are almost always accessible to the public and are welcome drop-ins. These can be a great way to get an idea of how different book clubs work and how you want you to be theirs. A book club (sometimes called a “reading group” or “group of books”) is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books. Some clubs meet online, many meet in person, either in homes or in public places such as a library, bookstore or café. There are so many reasons to be part of a book club. You can be a great way to enjoy books and challenge your mind, they can also encourage you to read more, or read books that you don`t usually choose. The reasons why people join a book club are reading a variety of books, closing friends who have fun, meeting like-minded people and stimulating brain cells! ps // for those who don`t want to buy the book [although I recommend it a lot] – here`s a PDF of the highlights! #2] Why do all four agreements, even though they are so simple, be difficult to follow? We are creatures of bonds — we attach our ideas, our opinions, – the perspectives so tight.

In these guidelines, it`s about letting go! #1] Which of the four agreements is right for you? The four chords will be a book that I read every year.

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